Pieces of Advice for a Nice Cover Letter and Structuring


Cover Letter Writing: Valuable Tips and How-Tos

Writing a motivational essay may sometimes bewilder. What to write in a cover letter? What is the meaning it has to bear? How to write a motivation letter according to all the rules?

The structure of the cover letter

Classic cover letter is divided into three parts: introduction, main body and conclusion. Pay special attention to writing the introduction and conclusion, they will remain in the memory of your employers or admission committee, and will help you make the first impression right.

All three parts of the motivational essay should be clearly structured. So for your letter to be interesting and informative, it should contain answers to the following questions:

  • How can you demonstrate interest?
  • Why did you choose this school/university/company?
  • What are the career opportunities you are considering?
  • Have you had complex situations and obstacles (financial, social, physical) to overcome to achieve your goals?
  • What skills and personal qualities do you have?
  • How do you show the strengths of your personality in life?
  • What should make the person, daily reading hundreds of such texts, remember it and choose no one but you?

Complete answers to these questions can really make you a professional essay writer.

Tips for writing a cover letter

So, you’re facing a blank sheet in your text editor and you need to write an essay.

1. Make your essay informative

Before writing a motivational letter, collect all information about yourself that is worth to be known. Remember that your essay should be as informative as possible, otherwise it may seem superficial, and you may be considered as a person inattentive to detail. Be sure to carefully select the information, because you have to bring about positive emotions in people who do not know you personally.

2. Satisfy the interests of the university/employer

Some universities or employers publish questions on their websites that students are encouraged to respond in the motivational essay. Do not ignore them! Try to provide them with all the information they want to receive.

3. Keep in mind the requirements of the university/employer

A number of educational institutions or workplaces has specific requirements for cover letters. For instance, you may be asked to submit a handwritten essay, mentioning even the ink (black or blue), which it should be written with. So, follow the advice.

4. Do not be afraid to compliment yourself

In fact, your main goal when writing an essay is to show your candidature in a favorable light. Do not hesitate to compliment yourself, to talk about your merits and talents, and don’t be boring and monotonous! Tell about your advantages, as well as about what you would like to improve.

5. Write in a nice and fairly simple language

Motivational essay must be written in literate, but relatively simple language. Do not overload it with long and abstruse words, avoid colloquial language and do not try to impress by your much too academic language. Remember that everything you write, shouldn’t be hard to understand, and have appropriate meaning.

6. Express your personality carefully

Each student/applicant seeks to stand out from the hundreds of others. This can be done by showing their individuality. However, do not overdo with it, do not add any pictures, photos, video and graphics to the cover letter, if not required. Do not try to come up with a joke or some original format, it may be out of place. The well-structured, competent essay containing important information and written in the right style will give you much better recommendation.

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