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Tattoo or best known as body ink is becoming a new generation of art form for millennials. When referring to the subject of tattoo, most people in the society will think it is an indication of vandalism, hooligan or gangster-ism behavior movement. We can’t blame them, as far as history goes, tattoo had been associated with criminal mark and violence act.

In today modern society, tattoo had become more transparent, it is an art form of sort. You could see many athletes, professional or amateur had one or two body ink in their arm, body or legs. Does this mean they’re criminal or will act violence or sort? No, they won’t!

Body ink is now more persistent toward an inker’s identity and it show who they are in artistic point of view. You can have a lover’s name inked, a date to remember inked, a sport you love inked, a celebrity face inked and maybe a religious symbol inked, all inked in any part of your body, whether it visible or invisible for public to see.

The Origin of Tattoo

The word “tattoo” came from Polynesian word “tatau”. In ancient time, tattoo is consider a mark of a warrior, the more battle or killings you had, the more body ink you can have, you could say that’s the way of the warriors. Although there’s some believe tattoo had been use for marking of religions and spiritual believes where craving in stone and statues had been found with almost the same pattern of tattoo you’ll found today.

According to Ozy, tattoos are no longer consider a bad culture in japan. Tattoos had been practice by Japanese since the time of the samurai and it had a long dark history involved. That’s why Japanese people always consider tattoo a bad influence for youngster, this is because it is well know that Japanese infamous organize crime, Yakuza love to inked their member with symbolic tattoos.

Types of Tattoo

There are different types of tattoo you could see in people body nowadays. This is because “modern tattoos” had evolve from simple pattern mark into more message to present and symbolic art. Here are a few of tattoo designs that popular among tattoo enthusiast.

Animal Tattoo

animal type tattoo
Inking your favorite animal or reptile tattoo is popular among youths. They are especially look good with dot style ink. You can inked a lion, tiger or even a dinosaur if you like one.

Text or Quote Tattoo

text tattoo type
Everyone want to be as inspiring as Shakespeare, well you can and you can even ink it on your body. Text tattoos with meaningful sayings are also popular, especially among girls or lovers. You can ink your lover’s name, ex-lover’s name or even your favorite quote, how about “got milk?” maybe 🙂

Religious Symbol Tattoo

One of popular tattoos for men, especially those who have strong religion believes. I personally know 1-2 priest that have ‘Jesus’ or ‘cross’ tattoo inked on them. Check out this collection of religious tattoos.

Artistic Tattoo (Trash Polka)

tattoo sleeve trash polka
Definitely the opposite of previous tattoo type. This type of tattoo are more gore and grudge, favored among musician such as rock or metal rock. However you can’t deny the artistic feel on the tattoo art.

Three Dimensional Tattoo (3D)

A hot style tattoos for millennial, they love the depth and feel of this type of tattoo. Come on, who didn’t love 3D on anything, especially on your body. Impress your friend and family even so.

Final Conclusion

Tattoo did not limited to any age, heck I’ve seen 70 years old got her first tattoo with classic pin-up girl in her arm, I’ve also seen 12 years old kid having a star tattoo in his hand, although i wouldn’t recommend getting tattoo in this young age. In the end, its your body so it will be your own choice to make. Hope you can better understand tattoo with this article and maybe getting 1-2 for yourself if you still haven’t got one.

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