How to Improve Your Design Workflow

tips to improve design workflow
Working as a designer can sometimes be exhausting with all the work you have to do on multiple fronts in order to push a project to completion. It’s important to develop a system that allows you to pull off jobs efficiently and without any unnecessary delays, while also not compromising the quality of your work. There are many ways to go about this nowadays with the help of the Internet, and it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the options available.

Get Early Feedback

This is something that many designers get wrong and don’t learn their lesson until late in the game. You need to ensure that you always get feedback on your work as early as possible. Some people have the inclination to put this off until the end as they enjoy the effect of presenting a finished product to their audience, but this can lead to a number of problems if it turns out that there are some glaring issues in that product that you somehow managed to miss.

Don’t Postpone Revision and Editing

revision edit delays
On that note, make sure that you set aside some time for your own revisions. You need to regularly take a step back and take a look at your work from a different perspective, which is something else that designers tend to postpone a lot. Especially when it’s combined with the need to put some edits in place, something that you may find yourself putting off until the very end. But when you get to that point, it may suddenly turn out that the amount of work you need to put into the project to complete it is even more than the work you’ve already done, as some of the necessary changes may require you to redo things from the ground up.

Use Free Resources

Don’t be afraid to use freely available resources – in fact, do it as much as you can if you can also maintain a tasteful approach to it. There are many places online that can provide you with anything you can imagine, from a free Gotham font download to clipart, sound effects and more. Many of these assets are available under a CC0 license too, meaning that you’ll be allowed to not only use them in your work but also modify them in any way you like, even using them as a base for your new projects. As long as you do this in a tasteful way (e.g. you’re not just ripping one asset after another and slapping them together), it should boost your productivity significantly.

free design resources internet
The intuition that a designer develops over time is not just about how to correctly place an element on the screen and have it match its surroundings. It’s also the skill of knowing how to cut down on the amount of work ahead of you and to optimize your workflow in a way that allows you to focus on the true creative aspect of what you’re doing. And that’s something that you can only develop with enough time, practice, and most importantly, patience.

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These are interesting, if not obvious, tips. But I would just humbly comment that the best way to save time and effectively manage resources on design and development projects with clients is to have a project manager that can very clearly communicate the project’s vision with the client before you’ve even started … just my two cents.

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