Although web designers and logo designers are often given lots of flexibility by their clients, they still have to abide by some basic rules. They are free to be as creative as they’d like, as long as they don’t violate any copyright laws. Many images are copyright protected, meaning that they cannot be used without specific written consent from the lawful owner of the content. If a designer wants to use a specific image, they must contact the owner for permission. Sometimes the owner will be willing to let them use the image for free, while other times they will expect financial compensation. If a designer uses a copyrighted image without permission, they can be taken to court over it, although it’s pretty unlikely.

The same thing goes for fonts. Many fonts are copyright protected, but there are good amounts that are free to use. If you are a web designer, logo designer, or any other kind of graphic designer, then you will find yourself needing to use specific fonts for specific projects. If you use copyrighted fonts without permission, you run the risk of legal action against you. If you want to avoid the headache of a potential lawsuit, and you don’t want to pay to use a font in your design, you can simply use a free font. Below you will find a list of the top 10 free fonts for logo and web designers. Please note: this list excludes extremely common fonts such as Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman, Georgia, and Tahoma, because they are used so often and most people know that they are free to use.

1. Myriad Pro
Myriad Pro is a fairly simple font, with only a few slight differences from the ever-popular Times New Roman. It is great for subtext and simple header designs. You may download Myriad Pro font here.

2. Acorn

Acorn is a handwriting inspired font by William Suckling. It gives a personalized, welcoming feel to any design! You may download Acorn font here.

3. League Gothic

League Gothic is another fairly simple font, that is easy to read and great for most simple designers. It is available for free because it was originally designed in 1923, so it is now in the public domain. You may download League Gothic font here.

4. Dude!

Dude is a cowboy-inspired, bold font that is great for children’s websites, cowboy-inspired sites, etc. You may download Cosmic Dude font here.

5. Cabin

Cabin is an interesting font, which is of course free to use. The letters are fairly simple, and reminiscent of Sans Serif. The creative parts of this font come in with the symbols, namely the exclamation point and the @ symbol. You can download Cabin font here.

6. Johanna

Johanna is an excellent, handwriting-inspired font with a rustic, vintage feel. You may download Johanna font here.

7. Corbel

Corbel is a simple font, with some cool customization in the numbers. Like Cabin, the letters are fairly simple, but this font really shines when you use it for numerical characters. You may download Corbel font here.

8. Museo Slab

Museo Slab is an attractive, thin font that is available free to everyone. You may download Museo Slab font here.

9. Cubic Sans

While not exactly the most readable font ever, Cubic Sans is very interesting. All the characters are built up of 3d cubes, giving the font an eye-popping 3rd dimensional appeal. You may download Cubic Sans font here.

10. Geogram

Geogram is an interesting font that incorporates several geometrical symbols into the font itself. You may download Geogram font here.

OK. That’s all for our Top 10 Free Fonts for Logo and Web Designers. You can find more free fonts available on the internet such as,,,, and many more.

Are you a font designer? Feel free to contact us if you want us to feature your fonts on our website. Thanks!

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