Why Op-Eds are Needed Today More than Ever

why op eds are needed today
It has become a world of hypocrites where people only say things that are widely accepted. The thing is, it is not difficult for powerful people to control popular opinion.

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Today’s marketing is so powerful that it controls the way a person perceives things, and it is not just used to sell stuff.

The same tactics are used to control people’s opinions of things. Many people might have different opinions, but they choose to follow what is popular because it is easy.

People judge you and treat you based on your opinion, so it’s only natural for everyone to become a part of the crowd. However, this whole world would go into the dark if we keep accepting what is being fed to us.

People must come out with their opinions and write op-eds on online platforms. It doesn’t make you a coward if you are afraid that you might be targeted for sharing an opinion on top of having an opinion. That’s why you should choose to discourse anonymously on sites like The Doe. Your articles could open the eyes of the people to see the reality and start questioning this world of illusion.

express your own opinion
Powerful people control everything from governments to news channels. We see the world through these news channels, and they make us believe even false and stupid things. You hate or love many things only because that’s how the media portrayed it.

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