3 reasons to sell products on shopify
There are numerous online platforms that one can sell their products on but none compare to the most popular and widely known one namely “Shopify”. If you’ve heard the name but not sure what exactly they do, you have come to the right place. We have put this article together just for you. Below you can grasp the idea of who or what Shopify is, and what they do, and we have even thrown in a section on why people opt to sell their product on this famous platform, i.e. what the advantages of this over the others are.

What Shopify is and does

This is a Canadian company in Ottawa, that was first founded over 15 years ago in the year 2006. With the original idea first prescribed as “snowdevil” and an online snowboarding store, which did not do so well. once that idea was scratched the new one came up which proved to be more of a silver living for the 3 founders. If you’re an online retailer, such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, or any of the ones mentioned on this website, for example, you would have already known about this site and perhaps even have been using it for the past 10 years.

The reason for this is because it offers online retailers a chance to market themselves, offer various payment methods, customer engagement, and shipping tools, all at the touch of a button. For small merchants, it basically, simplifies the idea of running your store.

Say for example you are a t-shirt design company and you are looking for a place to – showcase your design, created and printed on your shirts by you and for the public, and your looking for a place to not only promote your stock but also for people to purchase them, pay for them and ship them. Enter. Shopify.

Similarly, a lot of those creative types who own both small and bigger online stores, use their services to make a “business” out of it. So, you bring the product of the service to the portal and use their “tools” to run it successfully, so you do not have to set it up yourself from scratch.

With more than 1 million businesses in 175 countries and counting, it seems to be doing great for itself. The total amount of merchandise that is being sold on this platform exceeds $41 billion, and this was back in 2018, we are pretty sure this number has increased significantly since then.

Why Would Anyone Use Shopify?

This is the question posed on many people’s minds and was here to answer it. Seeing as billions of people seem to be making good use of this space, we thought we would investigate the “why” of it. And surprising enough we found a good number of reasons and chose 3 out of the lot, to prove our point.

why use shopify for ecommerce store

Reason No.1 It Is Safe and Secure

With this type of an eCommerce store or any other for that matter, you will be dealing with sensitive customer information, such as credit card and bank card details, names, and addresses, for instance. Which entails the site to be secure and fast, not to mention it needs to be always online and fully functioning. Shopify also has the functionality of handling any PCI compliance (security standards council) needs which are required for any site that deals with credit cards and various payment methods.

This is something Shopify offers to all its customers, and if you’re not sure what all goes on, on their site or how to start using it, you can also sign up for online courses such as this here https://www.courseminds.com/best-shopify-courses/ to help you make the most of it, where you can learn more than the next guy and be ahead of your competition

It also takes care of all its server needs such as maintenance and makes sure that all the users’ shopping carts are always available and in full use. an added advantage is it always remains fast. There is nothing worse than people wanting to purchase something online and having to wait for the page to load first before they can “add to cart” or choose to go to the “next page” to see the other items. They will most probably close your page and go to your competitors instead. Did you know that 2 seconds, is the maximum time it should take for any eCommerce website page to load?

Another additional functionality of the security feature is that this space comes with an SSL Certificate built into it, which means you don’t need to purchase this either. It can be enabled for your online store, and those who know a bit about websites, know how vital this certificate is, especially when it comes to Google algorithms, and them checking if a website is legit and secure, otherwise, they take it down and it would normally never be found again, not to mention hackers could steal the personal information very easily.

Reason No.2 It Is Quick and Easy to Use

Not only is it easy to use but it is also very quick and easy to set up, even for those are technophobes. It offers a very simple way to launch a store, online, without having to worry about any external servers, or hosting requirements like one would with a typical website where you need a separate hosting site to “hold” your website and run it safely.

This space provides a clean and user-friendly admin interface, in other words, high rated UI and UX (user experience design), and has tons of features that are even structured logically. If you are lost there are various resources on the website to help you out, such as “How To” videos and documentation to help you along the way in setting up your page.

If you’ve got a product or service to sell, this is possibly the best place to be on, if you want people to invest in it.  Anyone, even without any technical expertise, can use this platform. To launch the basic store is simple and it’s hosting has been seen to be faster and more secure than your typical website back end, which could achieve with single-use and on your own.

It also has the capability of taking care of its software updates, so you don’t need to. leaving you to focus on the selling of your goods or services.

Reason No.3 It Has Its Very Own SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or in short, SEO, is a process rendered by many marketing companies for its clients, which enables them to increase both quantity and quality of website traffic through certain methods that comply with Google algorithms. In other words, if you are a customer and go to a marketing company as for SEO services, they will do everything in their power to help increase the visibility of your website to the users of a search engine such as Yahoo, Google, or Firefox. When people search for something specific, your business will come up if it sells that item. Keen to learn more about it, click here.

seo better shopify
SEO is one of the most vital ways anyone can increase business and visits to its website. And guess what? Shopify offers this on its website too. Imagine appending hours creating your very own website store, with all the frills and drills and no one knows it exists or visits it. What a disappointment right?

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Shopify’s powerful SEO features enable a user to rank their website higher in the search engine results and gives them a variety of options such as social media icons and integration, different themes, gift vouchers, and more for upgrades. They can also throw in some advanced analytics for you if you upgrade your account. This enables you to tailor your marketing efforts and hone in on the right type of audience.  For a couple of extra bucks, they will even throw in email marketing and product reviews for you.

If these 3 reasons alone don’t get your hands itching, we would love to throw in a whole bunch more. for now, happy Shopify-ing!

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