5 Ways to Quickly Learn Facebook Ads

5 ways to quickly learn facebook ads
Facebook is a powerful and very effective platform to advertise – only if you know how to reach a relevant audience with surgical precision.

Otherwise, it’s easy to burn your marketing dollars on Facebook ads. And worse, lose money per unit sold!

Facebook Ads can be a bit daunting for both beginners and intermediates alike.

In this article, we will outline 5 easy and cost-effective (some FREE too!) ways to learn and excel and Facebook Ads.

Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint is a free, self-paced courses’ learning platform.

For those of you who don’t know: The best part is, this learning platform is from Facebook themselves. Who else better to learn from? Right?

Blueprint offers a wide variety of courses ranging from general marketing to creative development to Messenger to Instagram, Facebook ads.

They also offer certifications, at a nominal cost.

So, undoubtedly, Blueprint is a good starting point in your Facebook Ads learning journey.

AdEspresso University

adespresso is an online ad optimization tool
AdEspresso is an Online Ad optimization tool. The tool helps to create, analyze, and optimize Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.

AdEspresso has condensed its years of knowledge and experience managing social ads into a learning hub they call AdEspresso University.

It is an exhaustive repository of millions of actual ads, video courses, experiments, and study material. There is also an active Facebook marketers community.

You can access this online university at $19 per month.

Dollar-a-Day Facebook Ads Strategy

If you already have theoretical knowledge of Facebook Ads but want to learn practical applications then the Dollar-a-day approach is the most cost-effective way to do so.

There are many FREE courses online that teach ‘$1 per day’ Facebook Ads strategy.

The one offered by Hubspot is our favourite.

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Benefits are two-fold – you not only learn about some of the effective ad strategies but also get to execute them all by yourself to deepen your understanding.

This is the BEST and CHEAPEST way to gain a practical working knowledge of Facebook Ads

Mentorship Sessions by Facebook Ad Experts

If you are someone who is already using Facebook Ads to generate leads or drive sales for your business and want to up your game to the next level then a piece of expert advice is your best and most time-effective option.

Also, mentors can help you out if you are just starting out.

mentorship sessions by facebook ad experts
GrowthMentor is one wonderful platform where you can book private one-to-one sessions mentorship sessions is top Facebook Ads Experts around the world.

Thousands have already maximized conversions while reducing ad costs by speaking with experienced mentors on GrowthMentor. It is by far the easiest and most cost-effective way to get expert growth advice on how to make the most of your Facebook Ads spend.

Advanced Facebook Ads Coaching by Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer has been running a blog on Facebook Ads for almost a decade.

Each of his blog posts is a comprehensive deep dive into a Facebook Ad platform feature, if not a detailed analysis of an advanced ad strategy.

While all of the blog content is free but the personalized deep-dive coaching offered comes at a cost.

Jon offers one on one training too!

This is, arguably, one of the best online resources to keep oneself up to date about the latest in Facebook Advertising.


Gone are the days when people were required to spend thousands of dollars to learn online marketing or hire an expert.

With the advent and advancement of online learning, pretty much anything can be learned online by self and for near free of cost!

Practical application and hands-on knowledge are the most sought and not mere certifications.

As far as Facebook Ads are concerned, we have covered the BEST five free or not-very-expensive way to learn and master the craft.

Happy learning.


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