branding-yourself-how-print-marketing-can-grow-your-careerThere are certain times where it pays to stand out from the crowd and when it comes to trying to advertise your credentials in order to boost your career prospects, you can use strategies like branding yourself to achieve this aim.

Me, myself and I

If you are trying to boost your career prospects and advertise yourself to a wider audience, it is worth remembering that no one will be likely to care as much about your career as you do.

To have what you would describe as a career there needs to be noticeable progression in your status and salary at regular intervals, but in a crowded marketplace simply doing a competent job is probably not to get you the attention you deserve, which is why you need to be prepared to view yourself as a marketable brand.

Subliminal marketing

You may not actually realize it, but you are almost constantly involved in the business of marketing yourself in almost everything you do.

This can be when you are interacting with a work colleague or it could be when you are talking with a prospective or existing customer, who may at some point remember the impression you make and might be in a position to offer you a career opening.

The point is that you never really know who is paying attention to what you say and do and the impression you leave on others due to your competency, knowledge or attitude amongst other attributes, are all things that are helping to almost subliminally build your brand.

Go beyond the business card

There are some people who have mistakenly and prematurely written off print media as an irrelevance in a digital world, but the savvy marketers amongst us know this is not the case and it can in fact give you and edge.

There are a number of ways that you can use printed material to promote your brand and generate some more career opportunities as a result of getting noticed.

If you are going to embrace the benefits that printed material can offer it is worth mentioning at this point that you may want to ensure that your printer is primed and ready to produce all of your material.

Online suppliers such as StinkyInk can provide you with the ink cartridges and other supplies that you might need for the tasks ahead.

Printed branding

Presentation folders that showcase the work that you have done so far and what you have achieved, can be a powerful sales tool when delivered by hand and accompanied by a business card.

Don’t be afraid to consider creating a personal logo that you can then carry through all of your printed stationery and this is a great way of being remembered, so use it for your online persona as well for maximum coverage and effect.

If you are serious about furthering your career prospects, printed materials and branding can definitely help you make a lasting impression.


John Sollars started in 2002, a printer cartridge supplier in the UK. He knows a thing or two about printing and he enjoys sharing his ideas and insights online through blogging.

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