digital marketing trends to utilize in 2018
The world of digital marketing is evolving rapidly this past couple of years, with new trends forming on the market every now and then. Despite the rapid changes, digital marketing remains one of the most effective ways of reaching target customers, especially for small and medium enterprises with limited resources.

As we get closer to 2018, there are more digital marketing trends to look forward to and utilize. If you want to stay ahead of the market, here are some of the new trends to anticipate.

3 Trends That Will Impact Digital Marketing in 2018

Marketing in the Moment

We’ve seen brands and businesses taking advantage of hot topics on social media more and more these past few months. They quickly adjust their social media posts and digital marketing materials to generate a lot of awareness.

The use of hot topics for digital marketing purposes isn’t something new, but it is certainly an effective strategy to utilize today. The audience is more sensitive to these topics, and adjusting your marketing tactics to match them will generate higher user engagement almost in an instant.

CNN’s Facts First campaign was among the most successful implementation of marketing in the moment. The company uses President Trump’s remarks to produce a counter-argument that went viral immediately. The fact that people are still upset about the President’s use of the term “fake news” made this campaign even more effective.


specialist digital marketing
2018 will be the year of specialization. While full-stack marketers, designers, content creators, and developers are still needed, they will mostly fill managerial roles instead of getting involved in the technical side of things. The actual people producing marketing materials and putting strategies to use will be highly skilled, highly specialized people.

There is a growing demand for specialists according to the latest report from There is a good reason why this trend is forming on the market too.

The market itself is becoming more competitive. Companies need to invest more time, energy, and money to stay ahead. There is no better way to invest those resources than by investing in the people actually doing all the hard work. Specialists are capable of producing better results, allowing the company to separate itself from the competition more successfully.

New Digital Marketing Instruments

Expect to see some new digital marketing instruments gaining serious traction in 2018. Augmenter Reality or AR is among the hottest trends to follow next year. More devices support AR and it is just a matter of time before the immersive experience is used to enhance user experience in digital marketing campaigns.

The same can be said for advanced targeting. Local businesses can target a very specific segment of the market more accurately. Advanced targeting will go beyond local SEO too, especially with social media and video sharing platforms – along with ad networks – offering access to AI and big data analysis to marketers and businesses.

Final Conclusion

2018 will be an interesting year. It will also be a very competitive year. Start preparing your business for these marketing trends and catch an early start that will give you the competitive advantage you need to thrive.

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