Four Essential Tips for Providing a More Personal Touch to Your Business’ Emails

four essential tips for providing a more personal touch to your business emailsGiven the high ROI associated with email marketing, there’s no surprise why just about every business out there is laser-focused on building their email lists. That said, this creates a unique challenge for businesses. That is, breaking through the noise and ensuring that their messages actually get read.

Think about it. The average person receiving dozens of messages per day in some way, shape or form. From offers and social notifications to work-related emails and beyond, there’s a good chance that your prospects’ inboxes are crowded with messages that will never actually get read.

The question remains: how do you ensure that your emails stay off the dreaded “Unread” list?

The answer comes in the form of personalization: that is, making your emails seem as if they were tailored especially for your individual prospects rather than sent as part of a giant blast. Giving your emails a more personal touch is more than possible when you follow the tips below.

Make Proper Use of Your Reader’s Names…

In the immortal words of Dale Carnegie, there’s no sweeter sound in the English language than somebody’s hearing their own name. Applying this principle to your emails is therefore a no-brainer.

When your readers see their name throughout an email, they’re more likely to react and respond. Smart places to insert the names of your readers include the subject line, body copy and through image personalization to grab their attention. The use of your readers’ name is a subtle yet significant trigger that makes your emails seem much less like spam.

…As Well As Your Own

Sending your emails using an actual name versus a business name in the “From” field is a crucial yet overlooked aspect of given marketing message.

People are inclined to pay attention to a person versus a business they suspect is trying to make a quick buck. This is especially true when it comes to cold emails or follow-ups where your readers will be forced to do a double-take and more curious to click versus seeing a generic business name.

Write Like a Person, Not a Robot

Simply put, it pays to rethink the way that you craft your email copy versus following the same old templates that have been used to death. Rather than try to use marketing jargon or come off as a used-car salesman, present your emails as something personally crafted. Some tips for making this happen include…

  • Conversational language and choppier sentences: you don’t have to use complete sentences or complex language to win over your readership
  • Keeping your messages short and sweet: your readers’ time is valuable and you should likewise treat it at such by keeping your messages on the shorter side (think: no more than a paragraph or two’s worth of content unless you’re specifically sending a long-form letter)
  • Including an email signature that includes a name, harkening back to the second tip

Segment Your List

If possible, make sure that you tailor specific emails for specific demographics based on how you segment your list. For example, the sales language for middle-aged women for a product is going to be different than that of something tailored for millennials or men in their twenties. Tweaking your marketing messages based on demographics is a must-do that’s totally worth the legwork involved.

Looking to improve open rates? Feel that your emails lack a personal touch? With these four tips, you can make your emails seem less stuffy and ultimately ensure that they increase their likelihood of being seen by your list.

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