Hiring an SEO Agency in Bayreuth

hiring an seo agency in bayreuth
The German city of Bayreuth is a relatively quiet city until July through to August when the Richard Wagner Festival otherwise called the Bayreuth Festival begins. The festival which lasts around 30 days brings the town to live even if just for those days. It is a medium-sized city located in northern Bavaria.

Boasting an impressive wealth of baroque and rococo architecture and lots of freshly-brewed Franconian beer in beer gardens called Biergartens in German, it is a city not short of fun even with its laid back and quiet nature as compared to other larger German cities. This is helped by the presence of the University of Bayreuth with it’s over 10,000 students.

A major contributor to the development of Bayreuth was Margravine Wilhelmine especially in the arts. Richard Wagner was also a big contributor and both are still celebrated to this day. Bayreuth is known as the city of the three “Ws” which stands for wheat beer, Wilhelmine, and Wagner.

With over 200 breweries and over 1000 types of beer, Bayreuth lies in the Upper Franconia region of Germany on the Red Main River which is the southern part of the River Main. It is part of the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region.

Located in the middle of Europe and with quick and convenient access to Germany’s major cities, Bayreuth is a center of business with many innovative local and international enterprises. As a business located in Bayreuth in this modern age, you need to own a website with SEO fully implemented. This will enable clients or customers who need your product or services to easily locate you.

What is SEO?

what is seo
SEO, which is an acronym for Search engine optimization, describes a set of activities aimed at improving how a website is ranked when searches are made by users for related content on search engines. Different tools and strategies are used to achieve this. Some of these strategies include meta-tags, keywords, proper descriptions, links, content on the site and so on. You can learn more about this here.

When a user types a search phrase into a search engine, the engine crawls around the web searching for sites with content related to the search criteria. While doing this, the engine is looking for specific and relevant information to give to the user. To achieve this, the engine relies on criteria like the content on the site, the specific keywords, the speed with which it loads and also the amount of traffic to the website. The higher the traffic, the more relevant it is assumed to be.

Based on all these factors, the search engine rates and ranks each website. The sites with the highest score based on the criteria reviewed will appear not just on the first page but also at the top.

Search engine optimization is divided into two parts. They are: On-site and Off-site.

  • On-site SEO

    These optimization processes cover what should be implemented on the website. This could occur during the design stage or as an on-going thing. It includes among other things such as mobile-friendliness and responsiveness which relates to how a website appears and adapt to any device, user experience, the ease of navigation, and the content on the website. This does not only cover text but also images and videos and how fast it loads.

  • Off-site SEO

    This has to do with the activities that are carried out outside of the website with the aim of promoting the website. Think of your site as a sort of product or brand. You need clients to know about it so you need to promote it. This is what off-site SEO does and it includes social media marketing, link building, and listing the site on directories.

How SEO Helps Your Business

Did you know that about 33% of searchers click on the top ranked site on search results? 18% click on the second-ranked while 11% click on the third-ranked site. As you can imagine, this reduces as the ranking reduces. This means that if your website does not show up high enough, you get fewer clicks, fewer views, and less traffic. This is not desirable. This further emphasizes the need to rank at the very top.

how to implement seo
To ensure you rank is as high as possible, you make sure to target your audience and niche with precision. This sometimes requires focus on Local Search or Local SEO. This is SEO targeted towards a particular locality. In this case Bayreuth. While this is all part of the general search engine optimization, it is something that is most beneficial to businesses that serve specific locations.

When search engine optimization is properly implemented on your site, your site will rank high in search results, more potential clients can then easily locate you, bringing more traffic to your website. More traffic to your site will naturally translate to increased revenue.

How to Implement SEO

With all the benefits of search engine optimization, you may be wondering how to get started with it. SEO requires expertise, skill and dedication to out-perform the competition. For this reason, it is important to engage SEO experts like those you will find here: Choosing a good SEO expert is very important for it can save you not only time but also money.

Some factors to look out for when employing the services of an expert include:

  • Checking their website to see if it is properly optimized.
  • Checking out previous and present clients and the work they have done for them.
  • Finding out their track record by asking around for feedback on their services. You can also do this by checking for online reviews.


With more and more people connected to the internet these days, it is easy for them to just pick up their phones or laptops and search for businesses online. More than 60% of these people will usually stop at the first page in search results and not bother to check the second or other pages. Implementing and adhering to SEO standards properly will make your site rank high enough for these users to see and click on your link, bringing them straight to your site.

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