how data science can help advertising and marketing
The best thing that has happened in this century with regards to the field of science and computation is data science. Data science has become so important these days that almost every task involves data science. So much automation has been achieved and things have been made easier in the field of computer science. This is only because of data science. Data science is developing like an exponential curve. It started with a low pace but then became so popular that it is one of the hottest topics being discussed these days. Also, there is no surprise in the fact that data science provides some of the highest-paying jobs for fresher men these days.

Why not? It has been said that data science is the sexiest job of the 21st century.

It is so much in demand that a lot of opportunities have come up in the field of data science. More opportunities always mean more jobs. Hence, data science also has helped in decreasing unemployment. Data science is used in a lot of things, be it data analytics, business analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. Data science is very useful in advertising as well. It has helped various websites and suppliers advertise their products online so that they can have great profits in sales. In this article, we will see how data science aids the entire process of advertising.

Data science is very useful for marketing

A fresh set of different types of algorithms has been introduced in the field of data science which helps various marketers having their websites online to continuously keep a track of the traffic visiting their website and continuously check what kind of products they click on the most. This helps them know where the audience is interested the most and hence they can display similar products accordingly on the top.

benefits of data science in marketing
This is especially used by websites like Flipkart and Amazon where everyday millions of people visit to buy a range of different products. Soon you will realize that only those kind of products are shown in the ‘recommended products’ section of Amazon and Flipkart which you click the most. If you are looking for a mobile phone of a particular brand, then after a few clicks and checking out various different mobiles, you will realize that Amazon and Flipkart will start showing you similar products everywhere on their website. Not only by big giants like Flipkart and Amazon, but this method is now being adopted by every website where you can shop.

Mobile phones do help to an extent

Most of the times we open such websites using mobile phones rather than desktop computers. This is because mobile phones are more personal and easier to use. The best part about mobile phones is that mobile phones have GPS. This helps the websites track the location of the traffic visiting their website, so that they can know what products are being liked by people from which location. This helps them show only relevant products to people.

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