It has proved to be one of digital marketing’s most efficient tools, despite people thinking it had already become obsolete. The ease of communication it offers is valued by more and more companies everyday, although some of them may still not know how to use it properly. Lastly, despite still being considered spam by some people, its users couldn’t be more satisfied with its results.

We are, of course, talking about email marketing. Mailing, really? Now that we have countless social networks we can use to communicate, do people still send newsletters? Of course they do!

The advantages it offers have convinced small, medium and large companies all around the globe. Now… let us convince you!

Its Main Advantages

Let’s first state the obvious for anyone that is already using an email marketing service; it saves time and money. How is that? Well, not only its return of investment is surprisingly good (we’re talking about 4.300%, that is, $43 per dollar invested!), but its conversion rates are outstanding too. It’s proved that it’s one of the best ways of turning simple subscribers into actual clients.

Regarding the time saving, it’s really simple; a good email marketing tool  provides us an effective way to communicate with our subs, and it does it in a quick and easy way. It allow us to send our newsletters to our entire contact list if we wish to, in just one click. That’s it, automatically!

Moreover, the fact that it does it in such an automatic way does not mean that it becomes boring or artificial; modern softwares customize every single email sent, addressing every subscriber by their name. They allow you to segment your contact list so everything you send is not only appropriate, but perfect for each recipient.

email marketing segmenting contact list

Imagine the time you would invest in doing this by yourself. Communicating the perfect offer to each one of your clients, calling them by their name and maybe even reminding them that not long ago they were interested in a particular product. That would only be possible by giving each of them a call! Nobody has time for that, and email marketing solves this problem.

This is probably one of the most valued characteristics of email marketing: It created the ultimate way of brand awareness. The clients feel special and cared for, and this is definitely the way to engage them.

The Secret Weapon: A Good Email Marketing Software

In the end, what will allow you to achieve your goals efficiently is choosing a complete mailing app. First of all, we will warn you: email marketing software providers are generally inexpensive, and most of them offer a free trial, so don’t let anyone trick you and take that into account when choosing one.

What should it include? In general, a mailing app should make your life easier, that is, not complicate things and actually make your tasks simpler. A good way of doing this is by adding useful extensions to the app.

which one is the best email marketing software

One of the best ones is WordPress; being able to connect your blog and to synchronize your subscriber’s email addresses with your contact list in your mailing app is so convenient! Your posts can be imported as well and sent as a campaign if you wish so, and so will the colors you use there, so you don’t lose your corporate image.

Another great one is Google Analytics, which we like to call “queen of statistics”. Listen carefully; what can’t be measured can’t be improved, so being able to see what worked well and what didn’t in your last campaign is a great advantage. You will see detailed statistics on your campaigns, the clicks, your traffic… you will have no excuse to become an email marketing expert.

goggle analytics queen of statistics

Lastly, and only to mention a few more, if you own an online business, Magento and PrestaShop will be your favourites. Customizing your newsletters for them to fit your online store will never be easier, and all your important data will be synchronized as well.

Your email marketing software should allow you to import your contacts, whether it’s from Outlook or from any other app we’ve mentioned, and help you to manage your list and to keep it clean. This means automatically deleting misspellings, opt-outs and bounces so you don’t have to do that manually. Of course, you should have the option to simply copy and paste if you prefer it!

One last thing we want to mention is deliverability. What’s the point of carefully creating a campaign if it never reaches your subscribers’ inbox and goes directly to their spam folder? That is what would happen if you decided to send your newsletters from your personal account; spam filters identify that you are sending thousands of emails and would mark your newsletters as spam.

This doesn’t happen when you use a professional email marketing software, since they work on their reputation and know how to avoid spam filters. Remember you will not be sending trash, your subscribers have agreed to you sending them your campaigns, so you shouldn’t be treated as spam! You won’t need to worry about your deliverability ever again once you’ve chosen a good mailing app.

Your New Best Friends: Content and Design

We’ve reached the main issue, the question we all ask ourselves in the beginning: how to actually create a nice campaign? What do I include? How do I sound convincing? How do I design it?

When creating your email marketing campaign you must pay attention to two things: the content and the design.

Quality content is what will make your newsletter succeed. Write something you think your subscribers will enjoy! Sending newsletters is more than just including discounts so you can boost your sales; you have to win your subscribers’ heart to create brand awareness!

quality content newsletter success

Think about it this way; what would you personally, as a client, like best: To simply receive a discount on some random product or to receive a discount on a product you are interested in, with some tips and tricks on how to use it (a tutorial, a recipe, a guide on how to take care of it), and a well written text that calls you by your name and wishes you a nice day? You just can’t compare!

Regarding the design, even if you’re an amateur or know literally nothing about design, your newsletter should look professional. How? Well, you’re lucky mailing apps also thought about this, and most email marketing software devices include something that will make your life way easier. Just keep reading!

Your New Best Friends: Email Newsletter Templates

Problem solved! It’s obvious that not everybody is a graphic designer, so mailing apps generally offer galleries with countless free email newsletters templates that you can use.

They are very easy to use, as they normally work with a simple drag and drop system, so you definitely don’t have to use html language or any type of coding. Even a child could use an Emailbuilder!

You will for sure find one (or more) related to your business: clothing stores, restaurants, travel agencies… even pet stores or opticians will find their perfect template.

match newsletter template with your corporate profile

They look incredibly professional and are customizable so they meet your business’ standards. You can add your text and pictures, and build the template with your corporate colours.

Moreover, they include those things that a newsletter must include but that we can forget; this is the case of the unsubscribe link, which is compulsory by law, so any client can unsubscribe from our services in any moment if he wishes to, and that we sometimes forget to include. Templates include them automatically.

We can also add CTA (Calls to action) to our newsletters; CTAs are those buttons that typically say “read more” or “buy now!” and that lead the client directly to the online store so he can easily buy the product or service he is interested in.

seasonal email newsletter templates

Lastly, some email marketing software services have seasonal email newsletter templates in their galleries. These templates are made for special dates such as Christmas, Halloween or even Mother’s Day. They allow you to send special offers or just greeting your subscribers, so you can give your sales a little push during these seasons! Isn’t that awesome?

What Are You Waiting For?

We’re sure we have convinced you of the benefits email marketing can bring you, so now you just have to get started! Choose a good email marketing software and start exploring its features. Decide your email marketing strategy and put it to the test.

Remember to pay attention both to your content and your design, and take advantage of the amazing templates mailing apps offer; they will make you look like an expert. Go ahead, start today and let us know in the comments if you achieved your goals!

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