how to improve and grow your digital marketing agency
Running a digital marketing agency can be tough, as your business may have to juggle many tasks while ensuring you deliver exceptional results for your clients time and again. It may, therefore, feel like an uphill challenge at times, even if your company is a roaring success. We are therefore looking at how to both improve and grow your digital marketing agency.

Select a Niche

Instead of offering all services to all industries, it might be beneficial to select a digital marketing niche. You can then establish your brand as a go-to expert within the industry, which could help you stand out from the crowd of companies vying for a client’s business. A niche will also increase the likelihood of becoming a speaker or gaining a booth at an industry conference, so you can establish your brand as a thought leader.

You also don’t have to set an industry-specific niche. You could simply become a digital marketing expert for a challenging area of marketing, such as Shopify stores.

Offer Something for Free

Many clients may not want to sign-up for your services over the telephone. You, therefore, need to prove you have what it takes to secure their business. Offer a prospective client something for free to improve trust in your brand. For example, you could provide a free SEO audit that details any flaws in their website that need to be improved. You could also offer a free PPC analysis report for an AdWords account.

Improve Perception

Clients will not trust your brand if it looks like it was made in 1998. Even if you don’t provide web design as a digital marketing service, you must create a forward-thinking image by building a modern, presentable and clean web design.

Increase Your Lead Response Time

increase lead response time
Don’t allow a lead to fall by the wayside and aim to reply to potential customers as soon as possible. The longer it takes for you to reply, the less professional you will appear to a prospective client. They are looking for a digital marketing agency who will provide them with excellent results at the quickest possible rate – and a slow response time will confirm you are not the right business for their needs.

Build a Case Study

A case study is one of the most powerful self-promotional tactics you can use to grow your agency. Not only can they convert leads into clients, but you can use them as part of an email marketing campaign or to help your sales team close a deal. Ask a client if they are happy to participate in a case study and share their story. Don’t miss a detail when writing about a strategy, and ensure you back everything up with proven data.

A Guest Blogging Campaign

Every website can benefit from guest blogging on a high authority website. Not only will it provide an opportunity to share your industry advice and establish your brand as a thought leader, but you could also earn a powerful backlink to your website. This can help increase your rank for your digital marketing services, which could improve your online presence and generate more leads for your business.

Build Relationships with Your Clients

Maintain loyalty by building strong relationships with your clients. Send each client gifts and letters to thank them for their business, which will ensure you remain in their good books. As a result, you can improve communication, and they might be more likely to consider your marketing recommendations. Try to send them a gift that will create a buzz in their office, which means ditching the fruit basket for something a little more memorable.

Partner with Another Agency

Do you want to grow your agency without growing your team or services? While it might sound impossible, it can be a reality. Few agencies offer “full-service” in-house, so it could be a wise decision to tap into another company’s portfolio to provide more options for your clients, while increasing your revenue. For example, you could partner with Overflow Local for white label services to resell web design, digital marketing, graphic design and mobile app development to your customers.

Focus on Financial Results

Let’s face it, every client wants to boost their profits, and their clicks, likes and impressions will be secondary to their business goals. A successful digital marketing agency should, therefore, focus on delivering financial results over vanity metrics. If you can guarantee that a client will see a healthy ROI from your services, they will have no reason to leave.

Automate Marketing Reports

Generating marketing reports can be both boring and time-consuming. Not only will it take a considerable amount of time to gather key metrics, but your employees may also have to spend much of their time answering client questions. For this reason, you should consider automating your clients’ marketing reports for every day, week, month or year. Invest in a platform that integrates all aspects of a client’s campaign, such as social media, PPC, backlinks and rank tracking.


outsource freelancer
Cut back on staff by outsourcing to talented freelancers, who will produce high-quality work for a fraction of the cost. Not only will you be able to produce exceptional work for your clients, but outsourcing will also reduce energy costs, and you can downsize to a smaller office.

Provide Internships

Internships have become commonplace in many digital marketing agencies. It is an effective way to cut down on business costs, as they can work for a fraction of a full-time employee’s salary. Many interns may also be passionate about entering the industry, so they may surprise you with their talent and determination to perform a job well. You are bound to find some superstars along the way, who could one day form a core part of the company’s future.

As you can see, there are many ways you can both improve and grow your digital marketing agency. You simply need to identify the best solutions for your business, budget and company goals.

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