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A board full of colors and images always catches more attraction than a blank canvas. That comes to action when it comes to advertising especially. Commercials aim to capture maximum customer attention, and hence they should have all the elements required to grasp attraction.

Apart from all other modes of advertisement, posters tend to catch the maximum attention as people understand them quickly. There’s less content to read and more to watch, and hence, people interact more actively with it.

The customer is king. So, make that your priority and get to know your customers, i.e., the target audience. To understand that better, you must have a little insight into the essential basic points while making a poster for an advertisement.

Here are a few things to help you make better and more appealing posters for advertisement.

  1. Color scheme

Color schemes play a crucial role in catching a potential audience’s attention. Depending on the cause behind the advertisement, the posters can have different colors.

Moreover, a poster should be colorful and fun to appeal to people even before they read or interact with it.

Focus on the graphics and all-over placement of different elements to give it a more sculpted look for a better appearance.

  1. Make the goal of the poster clear

Make sure that the goal of your poster is easily identifiable. People should understand it as soon as they see and read it.

To begin with, you have to make sure that the motive is clear. For instance, if the poster is about a sale, it should concentrate on the word sale rather than going around different words to represent the same information.

You can always play around with creativity and content, but it should not be up to the point where the advertisement goal is lost.

  1. Select a location to display the poster

Along with adding attractive elements to the poster, you also need to ensure that you choose a location wisely. A fantastic idea advertised at the wrong location would be nothing but a waste.

So, consider the location beforehand. Also, different places will have other unsaid protocols, and hence, you need to make sure that you are advertising accordingly.

You must know where your target audience is most likely to watch or read it.

  1. Pre-made templates for the rescue

Multiple online resources can help you make a poster to convey your message interestingly.

Many platforms have various pre-made templates to choose from. This saves time and also helps when you don’t want to start working from scratch.

Using pre-made templates is great for people just getting started with poster making.

  1. Attractive fonts and content hierarchy

You can go ahead and use various fonts that are attractive to read and write. These enhance your page’s overall look and give the user a clear understanding of your objective.

You can choose from thousands of styles that are available online. You can even create your font style if needed.

Furthermore, you can also vary the font size to indicate the content hierarchy. This helps to concentrate on the most relevant information rather than distributed attention because of the scattered information.

  1. Use quirky icons

Icons are an attractive way of grabbing attention. Pick quirky icons and place them in the places that might need the maximum attention.

Icons are self-expressive and easy ways to convey vital information. Make sure you choose the icons that are relevant to the main objective behind the article.

If the graphic is irrelevant to the objective, it’ll instead distract people from the original motive.

  1. Use high-quality photos

Most posters advertise photos as a background or maybe as an element. It is important to use high-quality images when it comes to advertising.

The photo can either be a stock photo or a picture that you took yourself. In either case, it is crucial to use photos with high resolution. The main reason behind this is to reduce pixelation that might take place if the posters are enlarged or are slightly less in quality when they are printed.

It is easy to find plenty of high-quality stock photos, so take your time and select the one you feel is right for you.

  1. Download in the correct format

Once all the changes are successfully implemented, you can download the poster in the most appropriate format.

If your poster consists of bright colors, definitely choose PNG format. PNG format is the correct choice for uploading the poster on social media platforms.

If you want to get a printout of the poster, choose PNG HD format. This ensures that even after basic pixelation, the poster quality is not hampered much.


These were some basic tips to generate a poster for advertisement.

To summarize, keep the poster’s objective clear and try to incorporate only necessary information. Since it only has limited space to fit in all the content, avoid irrelevant details. Be precise.

Next, experiment with the fonts, letters, color scheme, content hierarchy, etc. Decorate it with your imagination and creativity. But again, avoid filling all the space available. Clutter will reduce the overall visual appearance of the poster.

Experiment with the colors and try to understand what color may go well with your customer’s interest. Also, be expressive but within boundaries. Design a poster according to cultural sensibilities.

Give a clear CTA (Call-to-action). It will give insight into what’s next and where they can follow up to get the benefits/services mentioned in the poster.

And voila! You are done.

You now have all the necessary tips that you need to make your poster impactful. Use wisely and create posters that create an impact.

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