Launching a new app, and even getting to the point of launch, is by no means a small feat – but unless there’s a good chunk of marketing behind your product, it can be difficult to start generating downloads and building hype upon release.

my favorite ways to market a new app
To combat this, it’s important to start marketing in the weeks and months before the launch to create a buzz and generate interest. There’s plenty of different ways to market a new app, as shown by Digital Authority Partners, some more successful than others, but as they say, all attention is good attention

For me though, I like to keep it simple with proven methods that are shown to work time and time again…

Create a website and landing page for the app

landing page for app websiteFirst thing’s first with just about every single idea in this decade – create a website and make sure it’s mobile friendly!

Creating a dedicated site for the app is great for an SEO boost within the app. With a focus on mobile first (especially for an app) you can be sure that Google will place your site higher for the focused search terms. Hit the right keywords and you’ll be seeing traffic to the app in no time (note it usually takes 60-90 days for Google to start picking up new content).

Using a landing page to explain the overall app idea and demonstrate the value to the user is a great way to increase the number of downloads from stores. By using a single landing page you can easily track the overall performance of the app, focusing on data-driven marketing, letting you dig down deep and focus on more and more conversions.

Your landing page should include plenty of calls to action (CTA), directing the audience straight down the marketing funnel. By talking about the brand’s story and moving towards the benefits that the app brings, what it can be used for and where it is best suited is guaranteed to get you downloads (providing you’ve got a great idea).

Execute a robust SEO strategy

Following on from the creation of a great site comes the content that gets pumped into the structure.

A robust SEO strategy with consistent, useful and high-quality work should be employed to utilise the site and maximise the amount of traffic and conversions that can be obtained. Targeting long and short tail keywords will either Google Keyword Planner or alternatives such as Ahrefs will get you ahead on the knowledge front. Find keywords that resonate with your brand and go after them with high-quality content.

According to Google’s guidelines, search results will display the most useful content – so making sure that your content is helpful, clear and concise is definitely the way to go. There’s nothing to gain from tricking search engines – keeping up high standards is the best you can do!

Create a demo video of the app

Nothing gets people quite as excited as a promo video – so why not create one for your app.

No matter the purpose – whether it’s a dating app or a forex trading platform – creating a short visual aid (30-60 seconds) of media to inform how it works, what it’s for and the benefits over competitors is a great way to build excitement.

video demo for apps
With visual content 40 times more likely to be shared via social networks – it’s time to get creating with the snapper and the camcorder.

Create social media accounts and start posting

Speaking of social networks, it’d be rude not to include them as a standalone point in my favourite ways to market a new app.

Social is by far the very best way to interact with customers (and potential customers) in both 1-2-1 and mass addressing with the ability to post and reply in a variety of different channels. Figuring out where your target audience spends most of their time is half the battle and with so many different channels to tune into, it can be difficult.

Instagram vs Twitter, Facebook vs LinkedIn or Snapchat vs Pinterest… Finding out which one (or which few) to focus on is key to the success of app marketing.

From here, it’s all about consistent posting (similar to SEO content) with original content on each of your chosen platforms – each catering to the type of material best digested on each channel. Focus on organic growth with hashtags, interaction and high-quality content to build a small audience in the weeks leading up to the app launch.

In the week of and immediately after the launch of the app is the time for investigating paid promotion, whether that be from the ad support on the sites themselves or from influencers with audiences that can be reached. Ideally, these should be found and planned prior to launch as you can expect it to be a busy time – but nobody’s perfect – as long as there’s content with your app as a feature going out to the world, you’re in good standing.

P.S. Don’t forget to use data to find patterns and capitalise where possible by using social media management tools!

Get a little guerilla with swag and QR

As the app reaches the stages closest to the launch (and post-launch), the most fun forms of marketing can be trialled to generate a buzz around the due date.

qr code for app promo
Using guerilla marketing, thinking out of the box and using free swag giveaways (with your logo on of course) and business cards with QR codes to strangers is definitely a way to get people talking – but it’s just the very start!

Take out a big old sheet of paper and start brainstorming ideas that will have the biggest impact when unleashed to the world. Don’t be afraid to think big, it’s not just the people in the street that are going to see this, but with information and images so easily shared, their friends, family members and more too!

Do a good enough job and you might even make the news. As much attention as possible is the aim of the game – so ahead go and be a little cheeky, bold and maybe even a tad unapologetic.

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