testimonials videos production tips guidesTestimonials are more important than ever. There is a big issue with trust online, and it’s important for businesses to encourage their prospects to trust them more. Testimonials play a big role in boosting trust because they are a powerful form of social proof, which is a key persuasive principle.

But while written testimonials are great, video testimonials are even better. When your prospects can watch and listen to your existing customers, this is a powerful way to persuade them that you are safe to do business with.

The problem is: How do you create video testimonials that will have the right effect on your prospects? Here are some of the most important considerations.

Talk About a Specific Problem They Faced

Having a customer saying that you are great is always going to be a good thing. But the best testimonials go into detail about the specific issues the customer faced and how you resolved them.

This is something to discuss with your customer before they do the testimonial. Try to pick an idea that they can focus on, like a specific problem they had, and then ask them to explain how you solved it for them, along with some more specifics about the results, including facts and figures. This is more effective than just saying how great you are.

Make Sure It’s Authentic

Try to film the video without a script. You might want to ask them questions on camera and then edit out your questions later on, to make it more real. It should be authentic because people can spot from a mile away when your customers are just repeating a script, even if they say great things about your business.

Make It Interesting

Even if they are saying some great things about your company, you don’t want it to be boring. Your prospects will switch off if it’s a boring video. Making it specific makes it more interesting, but also consider livening up the video in other ways.

The customer could demonstrate how they use your product, for example. They could use it in their place of work or outside, and although this will take more planning, it could make a more effective video.

And make sure everyone in the video is involved. You don’t want one person talking and a few others sitting around. Either have the focus on one person, or ensure all the people in the video are talking.

Make It Professional

A video testimonial recorded on a webcam can often work. It looks authentic, after all. But it might not look great on your home page. If you can, try to get some professional videos set up.

Use professional video production services to get the professional results you are looking for. Arrange for your customer to turn up for the shoot, then talk them through the process and let the experts do their thing so they can create a high-quality video that will look great wherever you use it.

Professional editing, good sound quality, music, and other elements will help to create a better quality video testimonial.

Aim for a Different Focus for Each Video

When you use testimonials, if you are doing a series of videos try to make sure they are all different in some way. You don’t want a long list of people all saying exactly the same thing, even if they are saying good things.

Always think about the testimonial in advance and plan for a unique angle. This could be a problem you solved or a different quality that you want to highlight. Then make sure the customer in the video is happy to focus on that particular area.

Get Straight to the Action

Don’t force viewers to watch through 20 seconds of branding at the start of the video because they’ll just switch off. Instead, get straight to the action. Have a very short intro, a few seconds at the most, and then go to the testimonial. That is what they want to see, so don’t make them wait for it.

Take the Focus Off Your Company

The golden rule with any type of testimonial is to make sure the focus is not on your company. This can be tempting, but it will backfire. The focus should always be on the way your customer’s life has improved by using your products and services and the effect that your products have on other people.

This is what your prospects will want to know—not how great you are. It may sound like music to your ears, but all they care about is what’s in it for them.

Create a Powerful Video Testimonial

These are a few of the main considerations when making effective video testimonials. Keep them in mind as you start creating your videos, and there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy better results from your testimonials, leading to more business over time.


Abby Alexander has a leading role at a marketing company and works closely to create brand identity with her clients. She writes about marketing a company, whether through traditional means or newer methods like video marketing.

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