Strategies for Onboarding New Clients at Your SaaS Marketing Agency

strategies for onboarding new clients for saas marketing agency
One of the fastest-growing fields throughout the tech sector of the economy in the 21st century is the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry. SaaS has become increasingly ubiquitous throughout the economy and a myriad of different types of programs are sold in this field. Top SaaS businesses utilize the services of a SaaS marketing agency to ensure their companies are running successfully, and operating a marketing company in this field is an excellent way to earn a living. If you run your own SaaS marketing agency, then there are numerous steps of the process that you need to be aware of. One of the most integral of these is learning strategies for onboarding new clients at your firm. Learning about the different methods and techniques will help you to have a more effectual business that clients want to sign with.

Do Background Research on Your New Client

No matter what facet of SaaS your new client is involved with, it is imperative that you do background research into their company before getting started with them. You will want to know about what types of strategies that they have tried, what agencies they have worked with before, and various information and data about the company’s marketing process. You need to understand your client’s brand in order to create campaigns for them that are effectual. Campaign creation is different for every SaaS company, and having the research to help choose unique landing pages and improve upon their brand is critical.

Assimilate Yourself into Your New Client’s Team

Teamwork is one of the most essential elements of running a successful SaaS company. Your client is most likely already aware of this and will have the expectation that you can successfully assimilate and integrate your agency into their team. Relationships are incredibly important between your SaaS marketing agency and your client, so it is critical for you to let them know that you not only care about their business, but also that you are there on the front lines with them. You need to create effective communication between your team and theirs in order to allow them to feel like you are truly incorporated into their company’s process.

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Let Your New Client Understand Your Process and Tools

Being secretive about your process does nothing for your relationship with your client except hinder its growth. You need to keep your clients updated on what you are doing for them on a regular basis if you want them to continue to be satisfied. While it is crucial for you to explain what you will be doing for them before getting started, what is more important is to keep them informed as you take action throughout the process. You should also let them know about what types of technological tools (such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and more) that you are using throughout the development of their campaigns so they understand exactly what type of results they will receive.

Final Thoughts

When starting with a new client at your SaaS marketing agency, you need to be straightforward and communicative in order to forge a solid business relationship. Learning exactly how to tend to your new clients’ needs is critical when maintaining your marketing firm.

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