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Marketing with print leaflets or flyers can be a great way to gain visibility for your brand, promote an event or product, or notify people of a sale or special offer. If you are planning to do a local flyer marketing campaign in the near future, it is important to plan it well and be sure that you are going to get the best return on investment. This means making sure that you use the best flyer printing service available to you, to be sure that you do not overspend and that your flyers or leaflets look great.

Here are some of the do’s and don’ts for both planning and executing your leaflet or flyer advertising.

Do Have Your Leaflets or Print Flyers Professionally Designed

While it can be tempting to cut costs by designing your flyers or leaflets using online tools, unless someone within your business has the skills and experience to create professional looking results, this can be a false economy. You may spend a lot of time on producing a substandard design, where you would have been better off focusing on the business side of your marketing and allowing a professional designer to work on your leaflets. The same thing applies to photographs and other graphics assets you use on your campaign, so make sure that you have quality product photos, good quality stock photos, and a well-designed logo if you are using any of these things in your design.

Do Get Them Professionally Printed

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As well as professional design, getting your flyers or leaflets professionally printed is also something you really should do. Commercial printing companies such as Print24 can handle flyer printing at much greater volumes than you can using a normal office printer or photocopier. They will also apply quality control to ensure that each one of your print leaflets is perfect. Using a professional leaflet printing company will not only ensure that your leaflets look their best but is also usually the most economical and efficient way of getting this done.

Do Put Thought Into Quantity

When you are ordering your professionally printed leaflets or flyers, it is important to have in mind the quantity that you want and to have this based on your strategy and any market research that you’ve done, rather than simply picking a number off the top of your head or going for a larger print run than you actually need because this offers a good bulk discount. You should be able to find cheap leaflet printing for the amount you actually need, and there is no benefit to having a lot of unused leaflets or flyers sitting around your home or office just because the larger bulk order looked like better value.

Don’t Forget To Track Your Campaign

Normally, you will be using your flyer marketing campaign as part of a broader marketing mix. This means you need a way to identify when somebody who comes to your event or contacts your business has done so because they heard about you from the flyer, as opposed to from other marketing you have been doing. If you cannot track this then it is very difficult to estimate the return on investment from your marketing campaign, and this data can be valuable when planning any future similar marketing activities.

One approach that a lot of people use when doing flyer or leaflet marketing is to include a code on the leaflet itself that people can use. For instance, when making a purchase on a website or to gain a discount on entry to an event. By tracking how many people use that code, they can see who saw the leaflet and different codes can even be used for different flyers, so you can easily see how effective each of them were comparative to each other.

Don’t Drop Flyers in the Wrong Places

If you are planning to distribute flyers by handing them out at an event, leaving them in places where people can find them such as coffee shops and shops, or even putting them on people’s cars, make sure that what you are doing is permitted in the area where you are planning to do it – and gain any necessary permission from premises owners. While you do want your flyers to be seen, you definitely don’t want them to be considered an annoyance by the people who do see them, as this will reflect badly on your brand reputation.

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If you can organise flyer printing and find a cheap leaflet printing company to help you with your campaign, it is possible to create a simple flyer marketing campaign that will attract new customers, help you gain brand recognition, and also offer a good return on investment. You will also be able to use your findings from your flyer marketing to plan even more effective campaigns as your business moves forward.

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