top seven career options for mba graduates

We live in a highly competitive world. With numerous students graduating each year, the employment to population ratio is widening. These students step into the corporate world, with their degrees in hand, competing with other students like them for limited spots. Especially during COVID-19, the world unemployment rate is on a steep climb since most businesses are declaring bankruptcy, and new ones are too scared to take risks.

Most graduates walk into the corporate sector in times like these, unaware of the perfect jobs suited to their degree. Only business graduates have a high chance of attaining a successful job opportunity even in these challenging times.

Following are the top seven career options for MBA graduates:

1. Financial Manager

Managing finances efficiently is very crucial for any business. It doesn’t matter if it’s a multi-national corporation or small establishments; they need a financial analyst to manage their accounts. Financial managers are responsible for using the working capital of the business smartly and keeping the company out of enormous debt. You will have to use financial insight and understanding to create a profitable business.

2. Marketing Manager

mba marketing manager
Most businesses are a product-based that require impactful marketing skills to make their sales. Therefore, marketing managers are always in high demand and have a promising career ahead. Marketing managers are the ones who package and advertise the product/service in a manner that raises the need for it. Suppose you like to think outside the box and apply creative solutions to everyday problems. Since marketing is a core subject in MBA, you will have all the tools you need to be a boon for your company and help it prosper.

3. Entrepreneur

If you want to enjoy power and love to make your own decisions, then the best boss that you can work for is yourself. An MBA will give you all the skills that you need to build a business up for yourself. With the right idea, you can hope to create a highly successful venture to sustain yourself. Even if you don’t have the capital necessary for an investment like that, an idea and a plan can take you a long way and help get you seed funding. Hence its always good to start your own business and reap the benefits of being an entrepreneur.

4. Product Manager

Product managers must have a broad knowledge of every discipline so they can fully commit to managing all aspects of a product line. That is why product managers are the perfect jobs for MBA graduates. As a product manager, you will have to manage the entire product manufacturing process from the initial stage to the finished product. You will work with people from numerous departments to create a brand portfolio to your liking and benefit the company the most.

5. Management Consultant

Management consultants advise companies on how to manage their businesses. From telling companies how to run their business best to increase efficiency to aiding companies during takeovers, a consultant does it all. The best part of this job is that as a consultant, you can work with multiple companies, and you don’t have to restrict yourself to a single operation. Holding an MBA degree is a valuable tool in consulting, where these skills matter a lot. Hence, you will be responsible for attracting new businesses.

6. Investment Fund Manager

mba fund manager
Unlike a financial manager, an investment manager does not advise companies on how to manage their budget. Investment fund managers recommend companies and individuals about the areas in which they can invest their money. As an investment fund manager, you will be responsible for creating portfolios for your clients. You will have to find the best possible categories for your clients to invest their money to earn the right amount of interest or profit from their investment.

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7. Business Development Manager

Business development managers need to have a wide range of skillsets. They are the ones who help the company expand and grow in new directions. As a business development manager, you have to create a vast network that will allow you to develop your company’s strategies. You will be responsible for identifying new opportunities and initiating risks to create new streams of business. An MBA will help you devise strategies for achieving all that and attracting new customers to your business.


Since competition is increasing in the current job market, it’s best to attain a  degree in demand and ensure a successful career. Not all professions guarantee a high paying job. But the business field opens doors to tremendous opportunities for you. Hopefully, with the help of the list, as mentioned above, you can make the right choice for your better future and make the best use out of your valuable degree.

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