twitter vs facebook which platform better for small business marketing
There are over 1 billion users on Facebook.

There are also over 330 million people on Twitter.

It shows how gigantic these two social media giants are. It shows how they are also great platforms to advertise on. They offer a lot when it comes to marketing your small business.

However, you might be wondering, if it’s Twitter vs Facebook, what’s the better small business marketing choice? What’s going to help you generate more quality leads each month.

To answer that question, you have to dive into what Twitter and Facebook offer in terms of advertising. Here’s a guide that dives into these social media giants and gives you insight on what they can both provide for your business.

The Benefits of Facebook Advertising

One of the benefits of advertising on Facebook is that you have a massive audience to show ads to. Having such a broad audience is a great starting point with Facebook ads.

Targeting your audience is one of the best benefits of Facebook ads. Here are 3 reasons why Facebook advertising can help you target your audience and give you the business boost you might need.

1. Retargeting

Retargeting an audience that visited your website is one of the perks of Facebook advertising.

You can create a new campaign with the retargeted audience. When you retarget them, it gives your ad a high chance of being clicked on because the people have already visited the website.

retargeting audiences
In addition, retargeting is great because you already know the audience is interested in your product. Now you are rekindling their interest by showing the ads again.

2. Targeting Specifics

Another perk about Facebook ads is that you can create a specific audience.

You can create an audience based on location, age, interest, and choose to have some interest excluded. When you create a specific audience, Facebook will tell how many people are in that range if it ranges from 100s to 100,000s.

That’s why it’s fundamental to know about your audience. The more you know, the better you can target them.

3. Lookalike Audience

A lookalike audience is when you create a similar audience to that of another list.

On Facebook, for example, you can create a similar audience to people who recently purchased from your website or visited your website. Facebook allows you to find similar people and make an audience around them.

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It’s a great way to target a new audience with the same interests as your old audience.

The Cons of Facebook Ads

There are, however, some cons with Facebook ads that you should know before launching a Facebook ad campaign.

Some of these cons can be helpful depending on the kind of business you have as well as your budget. It can also be difficult to download a video ad if you see it on your newsfeed. Here’s how to download facebook video if you ever come across that problem.

Ultimately, If you want to run Facebook ads, you need to know some of these cons.

1. You Need a Sizeable Budget

Facebook ads require a sizeable budget of at least $500 per month run Facebook ads. You need that budget to continue tweaking your audience in order to optimize the cost per lead.

If you do have a lot to spend on Facebook ads, then this won’t be a problem.

2. There Are a Lot of Spam Users

spam users
With a billion people on Facebook, there are occasional spam users. So your leads may not be qualified leads from the beginning.

However, a way to fix this is to have a way to qualify the leads further after they fill out their information.

The Benefits of Twitter Advertising

Twitter is much different than Facebook in terms of who is hanging out on the platform and what kind of advertising it offers.

Here are some of the benefits you should be aware of when it comes to Twitter advertising.

1. You Can Segment Your List

Similar to Facebook ads, Twitter advertising allows you to segment your list. That means to target specific audiences.

You can target people based on their interests and on the keywords they are using.

2. Higher CTR

Another benefit of Twitter advertising is there is a higher click-through rate than Facebook.

This is probably due to the fact that the ads might be placed more strategically than Facebook. It’s also because Facebook feed is often filled with ads, which can cause people to ignore the ads.

The Cons of Twitter Advertising

There are also cons with Twitter advertising like there is with any social media platform.

twitter advertising
One of the cons of Twitter advertising is that your ads are constrained by a character limit. In addition, since people scroll all the time on Twitter, it could be they don’t see your advertisement because there is so much content.

Twitter vs Facebook: What’s the Better Option?

If you have a small business, finding the right social media platform to advertise on can be difficult. But when it comes to Twitter vs Facebook, you might be wondering what’s the best choice that will give you the best results based on your budget.

The best answer is to decide where your audience hangs out the most. You can set aside a small budget to test each platform and see what advertisements perform the best. Whatever platform performs the best is the one you devote the most resources to.

Now it’s time to take action and let your social media ads bring in leads.

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