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If you want to establish yourself in your niche as an expert, you will have to create your personal brand.

In the past, you needed an agent if you wanted ads. You’ve got to snooze, scale the popularity ladder, and find news about your name.

Your control is totally reversed today. The ability to attract attention and increase your impact online is open to all via social media. Just take a look at any of the most popular influencers on Instagram and you can see why and how each of them became so famous within their niche market.

Just as business aims at making it’s the brand more visible, and at winning more business, it can help build confidence in your product or service and lead to more sales.

Whether you’re trying to increase your blog visits every day or month, make random visitors a dedicated blog user, or promote your blog in a new way, this guide helps.

The Best Part:
Here are some tactics and workable steps that we will take to improve your blog readership, blog subscribers, and – best of all–paying customers.

Identify your skills and audience

If you’re wondering how to create your own personal brand, you’ll know what you want to know about. This is often related to your occupation or sector.

Backlinko, for example, has developed his own personal brand around digital marketing.

His expertise is focused on topics such as search engine optimization and social media, and his audience is business owners and marketers who want to develop their own knowledge and understanding of digital channels to drive more traffic to their own sites.

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Once you have settled on your expertise and want to market your own personal brand, you can start building blocks.

Promote your content in Facebook groups

using facebook to promote new blog
Facebook has a lot of groups that are dedicated exclusively to bloggers trying to promote their content.

To order to participate in one of these classes, you will also be expected to read and comment on other people’s blog posts, in addition to promoting your own. In exchange for your dedication, you’ll get the engagement of other people.

In addition to growing your personal brand and building it into a business, it’s important to review and learn from other big names brands who have mastered this art as well. To learn more about this process, be sure to read through this article on companies winning with branding on Instagram reference guide.

Write guest posts to industry blogs

Make a list of well-known sites that are dedicated to the industry you’re writing about on your blog. Then reach out to their editorial teams and get a guest post that you could write for them.

Build White Papers, Videos, Articles and Think Leadership

Creating a personal brand means displaying your expertise in a particular field. You’ll need to build up your arsenal of knowledge – sharing tools to do that.

Creating eBooks, white papers, articles, and thought leadership pieces within your niche will help to strengthen your influence in this field and highlight your knowledge and understanding of your subject matter. Focus on sharing your perspective and adding value to your reader…

Feature readers on your blog

Featuring readers on your blog is a way to say thank you to your loyal followers, encourage them to keep coming back, and encourage them to support your blog.

One of the easiest ways to feature readers on your blog is to create a blog post that highlights the most insightful comments you’ve received from readers.

Build your Audience

Your personal brand is just as large as the market that knows it — meaning you’re still going to have to look for ways to build your audience.

target audience for promotion
Finding the right forum for your company gives you a platform to bring all of your great content into the public domain and add value to your audience.

Create a Look and Feel for your Brand

The best brands in the world are extremely strict about what they’ve brought into the market.  Businesses have a brand book that tells the client what colors, fonts, and logos to use when printing. Some brands, such as Mail chimp, even have a specific way of writing their content that is consistent with their brand.

If you don’t know what colors and fonts might be right for your brand, you could always hire a graphic designer to help.

They can create a logo, a color palette, and even match your brand’s specific imagery.  Of course, you can change the colors and look of what you write, but it’s nice to have a few guidelines…

Learn to Write and Speak on Camera

Writing and speaking are two skills that we all learn in school, but we don’t think about developing them when we graduate.

Learning how to write your blog posts and how to talk well on camera are two essential skills if you want to improve your presence online.

Yes, of course, you can outsource these two tasks, but learning to do it yourself has some benefits. Writing is important because it helps to explain your thinking. Also, the written content on your blog has a better chance of appearing in Google Results.

Connect and Be Social

Bonus Tip: The final and bonus tip is one that many people miss when they want to increase their power. When you are trying to build a personal brand, the best thing to do is to interact with others who share the same interests.

This doesn’t mean you’re just trying to connect to get something, but you’re trying to give something. There are plenty of ways to grow your following on social media, so it’s important to make sure you try each of them.

grow social followers using personal brand
You should be truly interested in other people’s posts and make an effort to read, share, and comment. It’s not just about the follower count you have, but how many of them are actually following what you have to say and engaging with each post.

Your Personal Brand is Your Business

Remember that there is no’ right’ way to grow your personal brand because every person is unique. Such tips will help you refine your unique approach and continue to adapt with time.

A personal brand takes time to develop, and you’re likely to start copying what other people are doing. With time, you will find your voice and begin to increase your power in your own way.

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