Ways Companies Choose to Advertise Electronically

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Almost everything is centered around electronics these days, which means that it’s no surprise that the advertising industry have done their best to take full advantage of everything electronic. Over the years we’ve seen advertisers succeed and fail at electronic advertising and they might have something to do with the ways in which they are advertising:

Here are 3 common electronic advertising

1. Broadcast advertising

Broadcast advertising is one of the oldest types of electronic advertising. It basically entails companies buying certain time slots on either television or radio programs and using it to broadcast a short audio or video commercial. This still remains to be one of the most effective forms of advertising although changes in technology have had some effect on its success. The amount of broadcasting channels available to people means that, rather than engaging with the advert, they can simply change the channel until the advert is finished.

2. Online advertising

Online advertising is a world of innovative ideas and horrendous mistakes and comes with a myriad of pros and cons. The benefits of advertising online are that people can interact with your adverts and brand, a lot more people will see your adverts and the cost tends to be far less than broadcast advertising depending on where you put your adverts.

However, online advertising is becoming a lot less effective. Because of an oversaturation of online adverts online, internet users have downloaded ad blocking browser extensions and apps. A lot of adverts online are invasive and frustrating; blocking content, spamming internet users, slowing down the loading time of webpages and auto-playing audio and video adverts that can’t be closed. Even native advertising disturbs internet users who now deem it to be, at the very least, deceptive.

It seems that the best policy for online advertising is to provide genuine adverts that organically catch the attention of internet users rather than forcing them to be engaged. Social media is one example of successful advertising. Companies create their own accounts and get people to engage with their brand by providing content that interests them. While companies can pay for more exposure on these platforms, they can’t force people to click on links or forcibly take people away from the webpage their browsing. So, people that aren’t interested aren’t disturbed by poor quality ads and companies that produce genuinely successful adverts will be rewarded.

3. Utilise gadgets and new technology

New technologies and gadgets are proving to be an excellent form of electronic advertising. Interactive billboards, interactive booths, and promotional LCD video brochures are only some of the ways in which advertisers are engaging the public and guerrilla advertising has improved massively in the past few years thanks to electronics. The great thing about these types of adverts is that it has the added potential of going viral.

Tech based adverts that are clever get shared online and become a source of entertainment that people actually enjoy. When this type of advertising is done right it can do wonders for a brand. Some people might recall Reebok’s interactive billboard in early 2016. In Stockholm a Reebok billboard utilised speed camera technology and challenged people to run faster than 10.5 miles an hour. Those that did would receive a pair of Reebok’s trainers. This advert went viral almost immediately and today there are still people that list it as one of the best adverts of all time.

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