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Top 10 Free Fonts for Logo and Web Designers


Although web designers and logo designers are often given lots of flexibility by their clients, they still have to abide by some basic rules. They are free to be as creative as they’d like, as long as they don’t violate any copyright laws. Many images are copyright protected, meaning that they cannot be used without specific written consent from the lawful owner of the content. If a designer wants to use a specific image, they must contact the owner for permission. Sometimes the owner will be willing to let them use the image for free, while other times they will expect financial compensation. If a designer uses a copyrighted image without permission, they can be taken to court over it, although it’s pretty unlikely.

The same thing goes for fonts. Many fonts are copyright protected, but there are good amounts that are free to use. If you are a web designer, logo designer, or any other kind of graphic designer, then you will find yourself needing to use specific fonts for specific projects. If you use copyrighted fonts without permission, you run the risk of legal action against you. If you want to avoid the headache of a potential lawsuit, and you don’t want to pay to use a font in your design, you can simply use a free font. Below you will find a list of the top 10 free fonts for logo and web designers. Please note: this list excludes extremely common fonts such as Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman, Georgia, and Tahoma, because they are used so often and most people know that they are free to use.

1. Myriad Pro
Myriad Pro is a fairly simple font, with only a few slight differences from the ever-popular Times New Roman. It is great for subtext and simple header designs. You may download Myriad Pro font here.

2. Acorn

Acorn is a handwriting inspired font by William Suckling. It gives a personalized, welcoming feel to any design! You may download Acorn font here.

3. League Gothic

League Gothic is another fairly simple font, that is easy to read and great for most simple designers. It is available for free because it was originally designed in 1923, so it is now in the public domain. You may download League Gothic font here.

4. Dude!

Dude is a cowboy-inspired, bold font that is great for children’s websites, cowboy-inspired sites, etc. You may download Cosmic Dude font here.

5. Cabin

Cabin is an interesting font, which is of course free to use. The letters are fairly simple, and reminiscent of Sans Serif. The creative parts of this font come in with the symbols, namely the exclamation point and the @ symbol. You can download Cabin font here.

6. Johanna

Johanna is an excellent, handwriting-inspired font with a rustic, vintage feel. You may download Johanna font here.

7. Corbel

Corbel is a simple font, with some cool customization in the numbers. Like Cabin, the letters are fairly simple, but this font really shines when you use it for numerical characters. You may download Corbel font here.

8. Museo Slab

Museo Slab is an attractive, thin font that is available free to everyone. You may download Museo Slab font here.

9. Cubic Sans

While not exactly the most readable font ever, Cubic Sans is very interesting. All the characters are built up of 3d cubes, giving the font an eye-popping 3rd dimensional appeal. You may download Cubic Sans font here.

10. Geogram

Geogram is an interesting font that incorporates several geometrical symbols into the font itself. You may download Geogram font here.

OK. That’s all for our Top 10 Free Fonts for Logo and Web Designers. You can find more free fonts available on the internet such as,,,, and many more.

Are you a font designer? Feel free to contact us if you want us to feature your fonts on our website. Thanks!


Featured Site – 365awesomedesigners

Unlike any other designs and web gallery out there, the 365awesomedesigners featuring a more comprehensive and collective awesome designers from around the world. The uniqueness of style and branding by designers are exceptional and inspriry. don’t believe me? visit 365awesomedesigners today!


“Redesign The Web” Poster Design Contest

Smashing Magazine recently launch a “Redesign The Web” Poster Design Contest and got lots of talented designers and creatives to join in, here are some of the creative catch my eye.

all images/screenshot credit to smashing magazine

more details and contest winner can be found here


Featured Site –

Premium Pixels is a collection of free design resources created by Orman Clark. a UK-based web designer with a passion for all things creative. All resources are aimed at helping fellow designers either learn something new or just save a bit of time. All files can be used for both personal and commercial use and are 100% free of charge.

Here are some of their popular post

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  • Pretty Little Ribbon (PSD)
  • 20 Seamless Photoshop Grid Patterns
  • Buddycons: 126 Vector-Based Social Media Icons
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Visit the site here

WordPress Themes

Free WordPress Theme – FluidZine

FluidZine is a fluid flexible width 3 column WordPress theme that came with a lot of options in the backend. The theme is suitable with a content-rich blog that needed to maximize viewer compatibility with the flexible fluid content width. It designed with mild color and strong typo so users can read the clean and clear context. The sidebar and footer area are full widgetable to insert any popular widget that can be download in the plugins repository.

The theme option gives you the ability to control advertisement links like the banner ads in the sidebar and google adsense or embed ads code in the post loop. The theme also localization ready so you can start to translate the theme to any languange you want.

Theme Features

  • Fluid width 3 column
  • SEO Friendly
  • Sidebar and Footer Widgetize
  • Theme options
  • Crossbrowser Compatible
  • Tested with WordPress 3.0.1
  • Localization Ready
  • Sidebar Featured Gallery
  • Home post style selections

This work is licensed under GPL

Freebie Graphic Design

Free Vector – Don’t Do Drugs


view larger version

Here’s another Free Vector suitable for any drugs and medicine ads campaign.

No licensess are applied to the design/character so feel free to do whatever you want except selling it of course…

You need at least Adobe Illustrator 10 to open or edit the files

Download and Enjoy

WordPress Themes

Free WordPress Theme – DeltaCrea


DeltaCrea is a 2 column dark WordPress theme packed with theme options, Twitter, and Flickr ready. The theme suitable for gaming and the personal site used. The theme also comes up 6 top overfold banner for a blogger to put in their affiliate banner or advertisement 125×125 banner. The theme also SEO Optimize with the option to control your archives, category page so search engine indexing will be optimized.

Theme Features

  • theme option to control Flickr and Twitter
  • multi-category featured slider with auto-generated or custom field base thumbnails.
  • widgetable
  • authors bio and info on a single page with thumbnail related post integrated
  • able to direct all feed to your FeedBurner account
  • 6 banner space controllable via theme option advertisement setting
  • able to choose post format for your archives, category page
  • compatible with WordPress 2.7+
  • tested in ie6/ie7/ie8, firefox2/3, safari, chrome, and opera
  • threaded comment ready
  • different sticky post style to separate normal and sticky


Theme Option Features:

  • Able to insert your Feedburner id, Flickr id, and Twitter id to use with WordPress
  • Able to choose multiple featured category to be shown in top featured
  • Able to insert 6 125×125 advertisement banner on top *you can disable in theme option if do not want to use
  • Able to control each banner image destination link to and image URL location
  • Able to enable or disable the author bio on a single page
  • SEO – able to control how the archives, category pages format
  • Able to disable all comments on pages
  • Auto thumbnail creation via custom field ‘thumb’ or just upload an image via attachment and it will auto fetch image and create a thumbnail for it…order image via gallery and order first image for the thumbnail

This work is licensed under GPL.


Designs Inspirations – FFFFOUND!

FFFFOUND! is a web service that not only allows the users to post and share their favorite images found on the web but also dynamically recommends each user’s tastes and interests for an inspirational image-bookmarking experience!!

The site showcases some of the rare designs you have never seen,  here are some of the designs:




Check out more at FFFFOUND!

WordPress Themes

Free WordPress Theme – KeKo

KeKo is a 2 columns Responsive WordPress theme with theme options, Twitter and Flickr integrated. This urban grunge style template is suitable to use on any niche blogs such as personal blogs etc. This template for a personal blog also has 500+ google web fonts built-in. With integrated Twitter and Flickr, it’s really an easy setup for anyone running their own personal blog from anywhere.

Theme Features:

  • 2 column and 3 columns footer
  • Best for Personal blog website
  • Widgetize sidebar and footer
  • Logo and Favourite icon uploadable via theme options
  • More than 500+ Google web fonts to choose from
  • Adsense or any banner and advertisement embed code loop integrated
  • Twitter integrated for your own personal blog identity
  • Flickr integrated for your own personal blog identity
  • Customize category, archive, and tag page with post excerpt and thumbnail (SEO purpose)
  • 6 125×125 banner ready (controllable via theme option)
  • 2 featured spot in sidebar and footer (choose your featured category via theme option)
  • Thread comments ready
  • Custom Header and Menu Supported
  • Tested working on all major browsers
  • Tested working on WP 3.5 and above
  • Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Theme Option Features:


  • Able to insert your Feedburner id to replace WordPress default feed engine
  • Able to insert your Adsense code and loop in 3 times in the post
  • Able to choose from 500+ Google Web fonts making your personal blog more standout
  • Able to upload your logo and favourite icon in theme options
  • Able to choose 2 featured category from your personal blog categories to be shown in the sidebar and footer
  • Able to insert google analytics code
  • Able to control each banner image destination link to and image URL location
  • Able to disable the social submit (Digg, Facebook…) on a single page

Responsive and Mobile Friendly:

With the responsive mobile-friendly design it’s compatible with devices like Desktop, Tablet, small phone, i-Pad, iPhone, and Android Phones too. Try resizing your browsers to see different layout options. That way if any visitor visits your personal blog on any device, they will not see an overflow or oversize layout.

License and Usage:

Keko WordPress Template is license under GNU General Public License. You can install this theme in unlimited personal blog sites, commercial blog sites,s and domains including usage in WordPress Multisite. If you found any violation regarding this wp theme usage or you have any questions regarding the wp theme, feel free to contact me anytime.

WordPress Themes

Free WordPress Theme – MinaFlow


MinaFlow is 3 columns fixed-width WordPress theme. It is a Magazine style theme comes with theme option to make it easier for you to customize some of the features available on this theme.

Theme Features:

  • 3 column
  • 468×60 and 160×600 banner space ready
  • Customize auto tab category *no need to set up, it will auto query your available parent cat
  • Twitter ready
  • Auto thumbnail creation with or without timthumb
  • Widgetize sidebar
  • Thread-comment ready
  • Tested in WordPress version 2.6 above and latest 2.8 version
  • Valid XHTML and valid CSS (-Moz-border-radius invalid)

MinaFlow Themeoption

Theme Option Features:

  • 600+ google web fonts to choose from
  • Able to set up your Twitter id and Feedburner id
  • Able to change page template full width or normal single width
  • Able to add advertisement banner code or IMG URL banner in theme option without edit the template
  • Able to disable or enable single post bookmark and subscribe to RSS large banner

This work is license under GNU General Public License