How to save Money as a New Family

save money new familyYou finally did it! You married the love of your dreams and you are ready to set out on your life journey together. There will be kids, career changes, disagreements, celebrations, and much more that you will share together along the way.

Another thing you will share is the money and everything that has to do with it. This includes the bills, budgets, saving, impulse buys, and entertainment. (There is much more. We just don’t have enough room to list it all.) Unfortunately, a lot of parents skip over teaching their children how to handle money.

So, many young couples go into marriage without knowing how to make and stick to a budget save, invest, and say no. Below are some ideas that might help the financially challenged feel a little more comfortable in their new surroundings.

Make a Budget and Stick to It

This subject can’t be expressed loud enough. When you and your spouse are just starting out, there is an excitement that comes with being on your own and setting out to conquer the world as one. Be that as it may, it’s hard to conquer just the bills if you don’t have the money.

You and your love should sit down at least once a month and write down every bill you have. This could be anything from utilities and groceries to cable and internet. Go through and estimate, if you don’t know the exact amount, what that bill is going to cost you. Always make sure to include savings and entertainment.

Then, write down every source of income you have coming into the home that month. Next, prioritize your bills. In a utopia, we all have enough to pay our bills and then some every month, but in reality, it doesn’t always go that smoothly.

Pay what is needed first. This might include your tithe, rent/mortgage, utilities, insurances, and phone. Then, after those are paid, tend to the savings, cable and internet, and entertainment. If by some miracle you have anything left, funnel it into your savings account.

Live a Little Greener

As a new couple in your new home, there are some things you can do that will help you save that maybe you haven’t thought about. In the evolution of technology, we have done away with several old-fashioned ways of doing things.

With that said, some of those ways could end up saving you some real dough and you should consider bringing them back. For example, instead of wasting money on a dryer and the electricity it costs to run it, hang your clothes out on a line in the backyard.

Another idea that will help you save on your electricity bill and add to the aesthetic beauty of your yard is to plant some trees that will offer some shade for your home. It will keep it cooler in the summer. This will keep that air conditioner from working overtime and emptying your wallet.

Learn How to Say No

The title of this section speaks for itself. There are so many things, especially in the freedom of being on our own with the love of our life, that we want to do and try and own. We just can’t do it all. If you can learn now, as a young couple, to say no, you will not only save a ton of money over the span of your life together but you will master the world of disciplining your future children.

You don’t have to eat out every night. Especially if you have groceries at home. Impulse buys will lead to a surprisingly low bank account every time and entertainment options like going to the movies are much more affordable with apps like Netflix and Hulu. Just pop some popcorn in the microwave, grab a two liter from the store and you have a night in at the movies for less than half of what it would cost you if you actually went to the theater.

Starting your life together with your spouse is challenging enough without having to worry about money. Follow these tips and that subject could actually be one you both look forward to discussing.

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