Just what You’ve Been Waiting For, CBD Black Friday

the long awaited cbd black friday
I love a deal just as much as the next person, anyone who says that they think shopping on or at a sale is for lower class is lying, who doesn’t enjoy the idea of a bargain?

Those bright red tags looking at you as if whispering your name while you browse the shops, the neatly lined bottles crammed onto the shelves longingly staring at you to be bought.

And I’ll admit I do give in to them more often than not, but life is about living, and if it means a new purchase or a treat for myself, then live it is what I’m going to do. Which is why when the lead up to a full day and weekend of sales is about to commence, I make space, check out some tips here on ‘getting rid.’

This time around, as much as I wished it was all about fashion, I have found a new love, for my inner being. One that has been taking care of me for the past few months and that has changed my life. What am I talking about, CBD oil and all its other wonderful brothers and sister products that I can’t wait to try out? One step at a time though.

I came across CBD at my yoga class, funnily enough, I had heard a couple of ladies chatting in hushed tones about seeing it in the shop on site and if it was what they were thinking it was. I knew immediately they saw a green-leafed logo and jumped to the idea of drugs, people smoking all sorts of illegal herbs, and the place would soon be filled with ‘different characters.’

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For me, I was intrigued if not more about whether they were right, but rather that the owner had the balls to publicly display and opt to sell such items. I headed straight past the leggings and sports-vest wearing ladies and into the shop to the little wooden counter at the front.

There they were, neat rows of all sorts of packaging, tubs to pots, lotions to salves, and pristine boxes with cookies peering through the cellophane insert ready to be dunked in a hot cup of tea.

Perhaps they were getting in new stock or she had over-ordered and needed to get rid of merchandise, but the main thing was that they all had red tags on, so I knew I was in the right place.

See some of what I’m referring to when you browse around here and choose your next snack or coffee dunking product, because who can resist a cookie, am I right? And if it’s on sale, the more the merrier I say (as she puts another 3 packets in the basket).

all about cbd
When it comes to CBD I am a talker, I rave to all my friends and family members and anyone who will listen about the benefits it has brought to my life and how advantageous it can be to theirs.

The pros of CBD in your life

There are so many positives it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few, but the more common effects and the success stories make it all worthwhile.

  • Pain and inflammation. These 2 horrors of the signs of aging are no more my nemesis each morning, the aches are gone, I feel my body is working in a harmonious symphony of teamwork and I’ve never felt better. CBD has allowed me to live a better quality of life, pain-free.
  • Anxiety and stress. I work in a high-pressure environment 6 days a week, a quick pop in the mouth of a CBD infused gummy and I’m right as rain. No task is too big and no deadline too impossible to meet, the sweats of stress have vanished and I’m more productive.

It’s not only about oils or capsules, see this link for a look at the varieties in which CBD can be added to your life.

  • This was the deciding factor for me to go for it, this a chemical-free product produced naturally in nature, and if it means no toxins or harmful pesticides, I’m in.

CBD has given me a lease on life I never thought I’d have, with no pain I can enjoy the body I’m in and life the version of life I deserve.

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