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Nothing makes a movie scarier than knowing that it is based on a true story. We all love an occasional jump scare but nothing can be compared to the thrill and fright you get upon knowing that the story you are going to watch has probably happened to someone – it can even happen to you. The good thing is, there are tons of amazing horror films based on true stories you can watch today. The only thing you need to keep into account is, you might have to sleep with one eye open afterward.

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Now that you have this basic utility at your disposal, let’s move towards our top picks of best horror movies based on true stories.

  1. The Exorcist (1973)

It is not widely known, but The Exorcist, based on a book written by William Peter Blatty, is inspired by a true story of a boy named Roland Doe, who was possessed by demons in 1949. The whole incident was scary enough to make you sleep with your lights on. There are books written on people who witnessed the entire exorcism.

The movie tells the story of a 12 years old young girl – Regan – who lives with her mother in a well-appointed house in Georgetown. Regan gets possessed by a demon, and in hopes of saving her life, Regan’s mother seeks help from two priests. In the process, Regan has to go through some bone-chilling exorcisms that are enough to freak anyone out.

  1. The Amityville Horror (1979)

The movie was marketed with pieces of evidence that it is based on the true events of a family that moves into their new house in Long Island, which is supposedly haunted. It is also based on the book written by Jay Anson in 1977. Although the critics, later on, declared the book and story a hoax, we cannot deny the masterpiece it became when it first came out.

Lutz family moves into their new house with their three kids, and soon enough, weird and supernatural activities start to take place with them. It is not only the Lutz family that was experiencing these strange things but anyone who dares to visit this place can feel the powerful and sinister entity. It is revealed that the house is a crime scene of mass murder, which only adds more to the terrifying nature of this home.

  1. The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)

The film is loosely based on the story of Anneliese Michel and her case of exorcism that captured the attention of everyone in Germany.  Just a heads up, it is not for weak-hearted people and you will quickly learn why we are saying this if only you look up the original tapes available on the internet related to this case.

The film follows the homicide case of 19-year-old Emily Rose, who dies after battling with her health, and the entire blame is put on Father Moore, who performed an exorcism on her. Emily, according to Father Moore was possessed by a total of six demons including Satan. The case is handled by lawyer Erin Bruner who represents Moore in the court and as the case proceeds, Bruner gets involved in it more than she wanted to.

  1. The Conjuring (2012)

One of the most famous horror movies, The Conjuring redefines the horror genre in the modern world with mind-bending scenes coupled with amazing execution of acting. It features one of the infamous cases of the Warrens – paranormal investigator husband and wife.

The Conjuring follows the story of the Perron family that moves to their new farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island with their five daughters. Quickly after settling down, the family begins to experience bizarre things around them that rapidly turn into something sinister. With no hope in sight, the couple contacts Warrens to come to their home and investigate the incidents happening to them.

Final Thoughts  

We all love a good slasher and Halloween movie but when the screen says Based on a true story”, then this is where the fun starts. So, if you have been looking for a movie that features true events enough to send chills down your spine, check out the ones we have mentioned in this article.

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