A Better Way to Call Cuba from Canada

When you have family or friends in Cuba, calling them from Canada can be cheap or it can be easy, but rarely both. Cuba poses some unique problems for people trying to reach the island, and many would-be callers are frustrated by the high cost or inconvenience of international calling.

Calling Cards

Calling cards are the most popular solution out there for calling Cuba from Canada, but that’s a far-cry from being the best international calling solution. You don’t need a credit card and you can save money as compared to using your landline or cellphone provider. However, calling cards are notorious for hidden fees and little information. Hidden fees will quickly drain the value of a card, giving you far less talking time than you thought you were buying. Companies also use minute rounding to get more money for less service, where they round up your call to set increments (i.e., 3-minute rounding, 5-minute rounding). This can quickly raise the cost beyond what’s promised on the card, and as Consumer Reports discovered, many lack any kind of customer support or way to contact them. When they tried to get in touch with one company, they got the message, “Thank you, goodbye”.

a better way to call cuba from canada


Voice-over-Internet-Protocol can be an affordable way to talk to friends and loved ones, but given problems with internet connectivity, it’s often a better idea to call Cuba. Wifi in Cuba is limited to public places like parks and cafés, and you still have to purchase a prepaid card that gives you access for a period of time. It’s not exactly a great environment for making a private phone call. Home internet is notoriously unreliable and can be interrupted by an incoming phone call, and it’s usually not fast enough to support a VoIP call.

A Cheap and Easy Alternative

long distance phone calls tips guidesWith all of these obstacles getting in the way, many people are left wondering how to call Cuba from Canada without spending too much money. There are alternatives, including G3 Telecom, a prepaid long distance calling plan that offers a better way to call.

Here’s what makes a better, more affordable alternative for calls to Cuba:

  • No hidden fees or minute rounding; when you pay for an hour of talking time, that’s exactly what you should get at the price you paid for it
  • 24/7 customer support that you can actually reach when you need it
  • An easy-to-manage prepaid account that also offers automatic top ups and full visibility online or through an app (find more details about prepaid long distance calling apps at and how they can make managing your account and making calls easy)
  • PIN-free dialling, not to mention skipping the international country code

You should keep call quality in mind when you’re looking for a way to call Cuba in Canada, too. Find a company like G3 Telecom that partners with major global telecommunications providers to access premium routes across the globe. Better phone quality means fewer dropped calls and better sound quality. Get in touch with your friends and family in Cuba at an affordable rate with a better long distance calling solution.

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