In the recent wake of time, consumers in USA and Europe are reporting about how their ISPs are abusing their market share to interfere and throttle with the performance of Netflix for end consumers. Even major service providers like Verizon, AT&T and Comcast are being thrown into the names of ISPs who are seriously causing trouble to their end users who are shelling out hefty amounts for their internet plans and connection. Verizon was proven to be throttling Netflix by the CEO and Co-Founder of here and another Comcast customer reported of them throttling Netflix connection here. These users were based on the Fibre optic services of the ISP and were clearly shown how the ISPs are manipulating speeds on Netflix and are playing he blame game in this regard.

You can refer to this amazing How-to by HowToGeek, if you are not sure whether your ISP is throttling connection to Netflix or not. These ISPs are deliberately reducing the internet speeds for a certain level of users in an attempt to get them to shell out more for higher internet packages. In all the above mentioned Verizon and Comcast users, they witnessed a drastic surge in their internet speeds while accessing Netflix on a VPN service. For the person based on Verizon, paying for a 75mbps got only Netflix speeds of up to 375kbps, but with a VPN his speeds surged to 3000kbps, the peak speeds offered by Netflix. By using a VPN, this Fibre Optic network user has done away with the heavily utilised Verizon channels and used VPN connection ports, which are comparatively more available on bandwidth.

How to Bypass Netflix throttling by using a VPN

Now that we’ve seen people affected due to the ISPs negligence and degrading of internet access while browsing Netflix, here’s how you could bypass your ISP and reclaim your original speeds. VPN or a Virtual Private Network is a host of computer servers, located at different parts of the world with their own individual setups. The user connecting through them tunnels his web traffic through their own web servers and because these lines are less consumed bandwidth wise, you get the most out of your internet speeds. Also the web data of users is entirely encrypted through these networks and it isn’t accessible to third-party.

You would need a reliable service provider if you are to access Netflix on a VPN connection and one such good VPN tool is HideIPVPN. HideIPVPN offers a simple and powerful VPN service, whose customers are pretty much satisfied by their offerings. You can simply sign up for one of their premium plans, install a small tool and within a few settings and a little under few minutes, you will be connected to your own VPN network in no time!

HideIPVPN Homescreen


Above you can see the HideIPVPN tool which you can download from their official website after signing up for one of their premium plans. The connection to be done requires the user to first choose one of the best VPN encryption protocols among PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, SSTP and SoftEther. These are all the most widely used VPN encryption protocols and SoftEther is one of the most powerful and widely used protocols of them.

Next you would be choosing the location of your server, depending on your task that needs to be done over VPN. In this case, you are accessing Netflix, so it wouldn’t be a major concern as it is supported on all the four countries that HideIPVPN supports. Later you can choose the individual server and hit ‘Connect’ to get started with your VPN connection.

Among other major features, this tool possesses an Application killer that kills off pre-defined applications making use of a VPN, in the event of an accidental VPN disconnection.

For users with no access to Netflix


HideIPVPN also offers a great bonus feature in some of their premium plans, which is the SmartDNS. Now you can easily unblock USA and UK based websites and media content providers using this feature of HideIPVPN. SmartDNS is also available individually and is priced differently according to it. But an all-inclusive monthly plan of HideIPVPN includes this feature as a bonus for people living out of the countries supported by Netflix.

HideIPVPN Connection

Plans and Pricing

HideIPVPN Pricing

The HideIPVPN plans begin at $4.95/month for only the SmartDNS feature and goes up to $9.99/month as seen above for an all-inclusive plan that includes SmartDNS and proxy as a Bonus. This tool offers premium 24/7 support for all its plans.


While internet users are complaining about their ISPs throttling the internet speeds, services like these would help you to get away from all those issues and enjoy your online media. With the addition of an IP Address spoofing and data encryption also ensures safeguarding of your privacy while you’re at it.

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