What i like and don’t like on Facebook news feed redesign

Earlier this month (March 2013), Facebookthe giant social network announced a complete design overhaul of the various feeds. If you log in into your facebook account, you will see a different homepage design for the news feed. Your friends, groups and pages will be on the left hand side of your screen. Although the new updates and redesign sound like a brilliant move but there is some side effect that other facebook user and myself not happy with.


Here i will listed out some of i like and don’t like about the Facebook redesign.

What i don’t like

Left had side toggle panel
as much as i like a simple design and toggle element. i don’t like to see all the mini icons of friends, groups and pages there. It feels really messy and confusing. Above all it seems a little crowded for me.

Hidden news feed filter box
If you check on the top right hand side, there is a filter news feed you can adjust for friends feeds or groups feeds. This is one of the important part when i browse my facebook page but it feel not above the fold and hidden, maybe its just me?

Not Helvetica Neue Font again
ok i know many popular site use this font, yahoo redesign also use the over popular Helvetica neue font. Although in facebook redesign, only small portion of this font used but still noticeable.

Empty space between news feed and left hand side
we love white space but what’s the purpose of the big gap white space there. One of the reason i could think of is the design team know the flaw on the left hand side ‘crowded’ issue and try to minimized them with the white space.

What i like

Faster and less buggy load time
i notice some improvement on loading time especially when loading an image. Previously when you load an image, the next or previous images were loaded and not the current click on. That’s relief if you’re browsing a image gallery. Kind of annoying when click on next image but come out an image that previously showed and some cropped dimension issue on image display nonetheless.

Cleaner and wider right hand side
Not sure if you guys notice, the previous design had the narrow right hand side. It look like the article or ads were forcefully put there..haha..poor little words 🙂

Pressed style icons
Yeap, i love this. The facebook icons are now pressed style. Also a more blended icons and links for the ‘like, comment and share’. Not to mention a bigger fonts so its easy for me to click them. its a accessibility wise choice for the facebook redesign.


In the end, if you asked me, i would prefer the previous design. its easy in the eye i guess but heck that’s just me with my narrow eye 🙂 If you would like to know more about the facebook redesign progress, you can head over to the Facebook Formal Explanation on redesign. Feel free to add your reviews and comments to the Facebook development team and let them know what you think until then enjoy and browse around the new Facebook news feed redesign.

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I was pushed into the new format today and I can not stand it,, it is way to busy,,, I would give anything to go back to the way it was yesterday… serioulsy thinking about giving up my fb I dislike it that much

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