In the last few years, smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. They have moved on from being just a luxury to basic necessity. It is important to understand that smartphones and appliances only work properly when their peripherals are in good condition. IPhone chargers are extremely important as they recharge your phone’s batteries.

You need to recharge a phone battery at a certain amperage and voltage. When you recharge your phone’s battery at the same amperage and voltage, your battery’s life is significantly extended. Any changes in such a configuration can damage your smartphone to some extent.

If you’re using a wrong phone charger to bring your phone back to life quickly, you may end up causing a lot of damage to some key parts. Incompatible phone chargers can easily damage your phone’s parts and battery in many different ways. Companies like sell original chargers at affordable prices. Let us tell you how this can happen:

Wrong Chargers May Be Lower Voltage

A wrong changer may supply an inappropriate amount of power to your phone. It may be of lower voltage. Thus, your phone may overheat when you use a wrong charger. For instance, if your phone uses a 100 watt phone power supply and you connect an 80 watt charger, it may be overheated. Due to overheating, you may be able to smell some burning plastic from your charger or/and phone. If this happens, you should definitely remove a wrong charger from the power outlet.


Temporary Use Can Also Be Risky

Even temporary use of a wrong charger can have severe effects on your phone’s battery. Most users complain that batteries start draining out very soon after they start using incompatible chargers. If you keep using a wrong charger, your battery life may be shortened. You need to find a compatible charger for your phone. If possible, log on to the internet and find a compatible iPhone charger from a reputed seller. You should never make any sort of makeshift arrangements for recharging your charger battery.

Damage to Motherboard

A wrong charger can easily damage your motherboard. In case there’s faulty phone power supply, your phone may suffer from irreparable electrical damage. The main reason will be a universal or duplicate charger. When an original charger fails to work properly, many people buy low-quality and cheap chargers from the market. This can cause some serious damage to the motherboard of the phone. Repairs can prove to be very expensive.

Many people try to save some money while purchasing fakes or non-branded phone chargers online. Such chargers don’t give appropriate power supplies and cause voltage fluctuations, overheating and other serious problems. Therefore, you should never use duplicate or incompatible chargers with your phone. Duplicate chargers don’t even include any safety features and don’t protect your phone from power trips.

Although it may seem better to use a universal or duplicate charger for some time, you will end up causing a lot of damage to your phone in the long run. Thus, it is always important to buy original and new chargers on the internet whenever you need a replacement. You can purchase original chargers from at reasonable prices.

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