5 effective seo tips not to miss out
In this age of neck to neck competition, high rankings demand both time and efforts. Are you too struggling to drive traffic to your website from Google? Well if yes, then you have found yourself the right place.

Times are changing rapidly and even more so the technology. The SEO techniques vary even before you know it. The hacks that could’ve gotten you on the front page results a year back have gone obsolete now. To be honest, they might even harm your website rankings. With stricter rules, these hacks may also earn you stiff penalties from Google.

Thus, it is suggested to be careful while making efforts to attract visitors. We have brought you some simple SEO tips that will help you in increasing traffic on your website. These hacks are easy, and you can even do them yourself. So, pull up your socks and get ready to give a tough competition to your competitors.

Focus on topic clusters

With a number of sites available for every topic, you need to work harder to up your game. This will require you to understand the intention of your customers first. It is not enough to look out for just keywords. You also need to understand the context around it.

You can also use enterprise SEO tool to review the search data and trends. It offers you insights on how to search-optimize your site and identifies pages that need more work on.

Install an SSL certificate

Since 2014, SSL has become a ranking factor for websites. It ensures a secure transfer of personal and sensitive information as it goes around the world through the internet. As cybercrime is increasing exponentially, assuring the security of content becomes essential.

It is pretty simple to install an SSL. There are free and paid services available to help you keep your server safe from spams and bad IPs.

Increase shareability

seo social media importance
Without any shares (especially the backlinks), you will certainly not secure a rank in Google. Thus, you need to optimize your images and content to increase their shareability.

Also, to increase traffic on your website, you need to start using social media. For that, you can begin with introducing like and share buttons on your pages. There is one more SEO technique known as locked content. Here, the content is unlocked only when shared.

Publish detailed content

You must think that longer content attracts fewer visitors. However, reports state otherwise. They might not appear mobile friendly to you in a glance, but longer content is actually preferred in mobile searches.

They suggest that detailed and in-depth information is provided. This increases the credibility of the content and attracts visitors.

Prioritize webpages in website navigation

Navigation becomes an essential structural element of your website. It is because it appears at the top of the page and links your visitors to ‘other’ pages. And the most important keywords are linked through the navigation menu.

This is of the crucial reasons that the homepage has such authority in all the websites. The logo usually links every page to the homepage.

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