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So you are a budding entrepreneur and dream of setting a benchmark in the industry with your product/service. Well, we’d like to appreciate your courage. It is not an easy journey to be an entrepreneur. It is a rough path, and you need to be strong and passionate to accomplish your dream.

And you know what? We believe in you! In fact, we can also see you doing your best. You are here reading this article because you want to expand the horizons of your business. Moreover, you already know that the practical way to expand is by getting online. Correct?

However, you are also aware that creating a website and selling your products/services is easier said than done. That’s why you have a few questions that are clouding your mind in this regard. So, you are here to get the answers.

But before we tell you the answers that you are looking for, we must phrase a statement said by Ms. Anne Burrell; it goes something like this:

“A part of being a successful person is not being afraid of asking questions and searching for the right answers.”

It means that you are already on the path to success because you have several queries regarding business growth. That being said, let us now clear your curiosity cloud by answering the following questions. Let’s get started!

Query 1: Will it help my business to grow?

Answer: You are operating your business to earn profits. Correct? So, it is apparent that you don’t want to invest your time and resources in anything that will hinder your business growth by not providing desired results. That’s the exact reason why you are hesitating to use SEO strategies.

However, we must tell you that using search engine optimization will indeed help you grow your business. It helps in generating organic website traffic, generating more leads, and improving the click-through rate. In addition to that, it will also help in enhancing your brand visibility which is very crucial for business survival. In simple terms, you shouldn’t hesitate to implement search engine optimization strategies for your website.

Query 2: How much time will it take before I get the desired results?

Answer: Well, if you think you’ll get instant results, you are highly mistaken. It is a long process; you need to understand your company’s objectives, market situation, competitors’ plans, search engine algorithms, and many other things. Only after proper understanding, you’ll be able to draft out an appropriate strategy.

Nonetheless, drafting the strategy is only the beginning. After that, you need to implement it and monitor the results and market trends. That’s why to say that you’ll be able to achieve desired results within a few weeks is certainly not true. Moreover, the results also depend on what your desired results are.

For instance: if you want to reach the first page of SERPs (Search engine results pages) within a week, it’ll be pretty challenging. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that you can’t accomplish such a goal. You can! But, you need to increase the time span. Just keep in mind that “haste makes waste.” Thus, you need to be patient and continue working towards your goals.

Query 3: Should I hire an agency or build my own team?

Answer: The answer to this question depends upon you. If you have the resources and money to create your own team, you should do it. However, you need to get well versed with SEO yourself first. Why? Because, whether you make your own time or hire a Digital Marketing Agency, you need to ask a few questions before making the final decision. This way, they’ll be able to understand your needs and each of your target customers.

In addition to this, hiring an agency has an advantage over building your own team, i.e., they are experienced and generally stay updated with the changing search engine algorithms and digital marketing. Thus can save your time and resources on hiring and training.

Query 4: How will it help me to promote my brand?

Answer: The answer to this query can be given by several SEO statistics, and we’ve collected a few of them for you. Scroll down and read:

  • 61% of digital marketers opine that SEO helps in improving organic website traffic.
  • 72% of the people who search about a particular product/service visit the store.
  • The global retail sales (e-commerce) are estimated to reach 4.5 trillion dollars by the end of this year.
  • 80% of customers believe that they find the product/service they need online.

So, if we analyze this data, it indicates that most of your target customers will search for your product or service online. And if you use the proper search engine optimization techniques, you’ll be able to attract them to your website and physical store as well. That means they will get to know about your brand. More brand recognition means brand promotion.

Query 5: How will I be able to track my progress?

Answer: It is the question that most entrepreneurs have in their minds. Because most of the things are happening over the internet, how will they see the results? Well, as SEO is technical, you also need to get technical. Hence, you need to learn about ranking, conversion, and traffic.

If your website is moving up on SERPs, more people are making purchases, and if the average time spent on the website is increasing, it means that your strategies are working. In addition to this, you can also track keywords used in the content published to analyze if they are working for you or not.

Query 6: Do I need to spend lots of money on it?

Answer: Last but not least, many entrepreneurs are worried about spending thousands of dollars on SEO. But the truth is that you don’t have to. It is all about understanding the internet and creating strategies for your business advantage.

Wrapping it up!

Now that you have reached the end of this article, we hope that your curiosity is satisfied now. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the internet has the solution for everything, your business as well. So, you can always seek its help to fulfill your queries.

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