Identifying Low Rated Backlinks and Their Eventual Removal

If you have been wondering on how to eradicate those shoddy inbound links on your site, then is the right place to go. Removing links that could infringe on your site’s ranking, is vital. It doesn’t really matter whether you have been punished or not, it is critically important to observe and take full charge of your backlink selection.

In order for you to establish whether there are bad links on your site, the first step is to log in to your Monitor Backlinks Account. Using the left menu, click the “Back link” button. Ensure that your domain has been added.  Check for links that have a low number of shares as this is could mean low quality and risky to your website.

You can manually evaluate your inbound links and come up with a list of the ones that lack SEO value. In the event that you have a huge backlink profile, use anchor text to sort them out and manually identify those that tend to be suspicious.

Write down the backlinks in relation to the pages they are directed to. In case you have a huge number of links directing to your site, make sure to establish their authenticity first.  As such, you will find that 95% of low quality links having 0 shares.

The most popular bad links include:

  • Social bookmarking sites
  • Auto-approved comments coming from low quality sites
  • Links derived from pages containing limited information
  • Low quality link directories
  • Backlinks derived from sites with copied information
  • Links gotten from unrelated sites and info

It is simple to establish whether a link to your site is spammy. One important question to ask yourself and one that will help you find out if the links are invaluable is whether you would click on the link were you to visit the page. Thus, quality of a link is determined by the number of clicks. Alternatively, if most of the people visiting the page avoid clicking on the link clearly sends signals to Google that the backlink is significantly irrelevant.

Hence, this is how Google identifies bad links and those that are good. It is therefore imperative to first of all, thinks before clicking on any link directed to your site. In this case, if you are searching for a top-rated inbound building firm, then you shouldn’t look beyond We are a company that is fully knowledgeable about white-hat SEO. We emphasise on actual keyword rating.  Thus, we are capable of giving your site that much needed online presence that will in turn enhance your online marketing experience.

How to Eliminate Low Quality Links on Your Website

  1. The first step to eradicating bad links is communicating with webmasters requesting them to eliminate the link that is directed to your site. Ensure to exercise politeness and be nice in order to convince them that you really want them to delete a link on your site.  Chances are that some will ignore your message, but this should not make you to panic.
  2. The second option is communicating with their hosting firms requesting them to get rid of the link attributing to the fact that a site they pay host to is spamming your site. To establish the host company, you do not have to worry – we can help you find them.
  3. The last option is using the Google Disavow Tool.

Bottom line: Staying in good relationship with Google is a dream anyone doing internet marketing would want to come true. Well, we also understand that in any given business, there are genuine and unscrupulous individuals. You need to be more cautious if you want to remain secure and identifying and removing bad links is a step forward.

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