on page off page techniques to rank higher
As the optimization for website visibility has changed and developed over the years, so have the methods by which you’re able to shoot up Google’s rankings. Ordinarily, SEO is seen as an on-page pursuit, making changes to the structure, content or labeling of your attributes to achieve the best possible ranking. But that’s only half of the job. You should be combining these practices with smart and well-informed off-page strategies to extract the most value from what you’ve got on the web. This guide will show you exactly how to do this.

Why the Combination?

To put this in general terms, on-page techniques are those which you use on your website to gain higher rankings in search results. They include methods such as:

  • Titles with an SEO keyword in mind
  • Attractive, easy-to-read URL structures
  • Regular content with semantic variability in keywords
  • Well-inserted internal links
  • Labelled and clear images

As you’d expect, all of these elements are controlled directly through your web management platform.

On the other hand, off-site SEO strategy involves anything you do to boost your rankings that doesn’t require tinkering with your site. This is primarily achieved by publishing content on the sites or platforms of others, with links back to your website. Examples include:

  • Social media presence, linking back to your site
  • Guest posting on the websites of others in a similar niche
  • Social bookmarking, sharing your site address with others
  • Posting on forums and relevant online groups
  • Video sharing, with compelling content linking back to your site


on page seo tipsYou should always concentrate on your on-page strategies before thinking too hard about the ones you deploy off-page. That’s because once these are up and running, you’ll be able to turn to other strategies that require time to follow, such as the creation of a viral social media video post. Once you’ve cemented in place a knock-out on-page SEO strategy, you’ll be gathering visitors consistently.

Remember that the skill-sets you need to perform on-page SEO tweaks are primarily technical, with web designers and agencies helping you make the most of what you’ve got.


off page seo tipsMeanwhile, you’ll be looking at your creative team to provide the ideas for your off-page SEO marketing strategies. They often involve writing and content creation skills, so you’re going to need to have these at your disposal to make the most of these strategies.

Off-page marketing for SEO boosts adds the finishing touches to your overall strategy. Every one of your off-page ideas should be well thought-through and created to the best of your abilities. Even a forum post should be well-edited and without errors, and you should always make sure you are linking a pleasant-loping URL and not a messy set of numbers and letters.

The Result

On-page and off-page marketing techniques are best used in combination to establish the most extensive visibility possible on the internet. They require very different skill sets, but by trying them in conjunction, you’ll find your site gaining more attention, with better connections than if you ignored one of these fundamental pillars of good SEO strategy.

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