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Why is SEO so Important For Your Business?

why seo important for business
Have you heard that SEO can greatly assist your business? If you are not even sure what SEO is or how it can help, that’s okay. In this article, we are going to talk about what SEO is and some quick tips to help your website to increase its SEO. Keep reading as the search engine optimization company experts share some great tips!

The first thing that we want to talk about is what SEO is. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is where your website ranks on a search engine sites like Google. When you have an SEO strategy, your website will typically be ranked higher. If you ever wonder how that competitor of your always ends up at the top of Google, they probably have someone assisting them with their SEO.

The importance of search ranking for businesses

There are so many benefits to having a high ranked website. The main one is that more people will come to your website. If your website looks great, that means more people will either come to your store or purchase items from your website. Regardless, more people coming to your website means more sales. Most businesses understand that a certain percentage of people end up buying when they visit their website. For example, a business may have 200 people come across their website and click on it every month. Of those 200 people, typically 20% will purchase. What would happen if your website suddenly was ranked a lot higher? That number of visitors per month would probably go from 200 to 1000. If you continue to have the same conversion rate, that means your sales will also go through the roof.

more visitors from search more sales
We hope that we explained a little bit more about what SEO is and why it is so important. Did you know that there are little tricks you can be doing in order to better your SEO ranking? There are thousands of things but starting with these simple ones can make a huge difference.

How to optimize website for search engine ranking

  • High quality content

    The first is to go through your website. Are there any typos? A typo can seem like nothing to you, but for Google, it shows a lack of care. If it also is not readable, people will skip over things and not spend as much time on sections, Google sees that and wants people to have quality content. Have a couple people proof read through your website and ensure there are no typos.

  • Informative and relevant content

    The next thing to do is to go back through the pages. Does each page have at least 300 words on it? If so, great job! Google wants to know each page has things on it. If you don’t have 300 words, people may not know specifically what the page is on and talking about. Don’t just add words to add words though. Add quality content. For example, if you have a dental website, each page can be about why that treatment is necessary, what can happen if the patient doesn’t receive treatment, and a few tips along the way. This is great information that a potential patient will like learning about.

  • Fresh and new content

    blogging new fresh content
    Do you have a blog on your website yet? If you answered no, add one. Try and blog at least once per month (if not once per week). Google likes seeing fresh content on your website. Are you supposed to rewrite your website weekly? That doesn’t seem like a whole lot of fun. Instead, try blogging. This is an easy way to add fresh content to your site. While you are blogging, make sure to give great tips. This will pick up on Google additional keywords that people may be reading. Blogging is also a great thing to be sharing on social media. You can let followers know of a new blog you posted, and you can continue to repost older blogs and bring more people to your website.

  • Website loading speed

    Another thing that you can do to help your SEO is to ensure your website is fast. There is nothing more annoying to a viewer than a slow website. If they have a hard time opening it, it doesn’t feel safe to them and they will click off and turn to a competitor instead. Google will see this as there is something wrong with your website for people to be clicking off it so quickly. This is called your bounce rate. You want people on there a while, reading your content, perhaps shopping, and interested in what you have to say. If you have a slow website, work on trying to figure out why it is running slow.

  • Don’t forget SEO for images

    seo keyword in content and images
    The final recommendation we have is to add pictures. You don’t just want to add a picture here and there though, you want to have a method to the pictures. Some great tips you can do is to name the photo keywords on your computer. That means, instead of it automatically being called B3dfe93ufhgfj you could name is dental office (insert name) which will help tell Google what that photo is about. Example

    And then when you upload it, do the same thing. There typically will be a title and description you can put in the photo, make sure to write those out and tell Google what the photo is about.

    For WordPress users, you can try install plugin call “Format Media Titles”, it will automatically add title and alt text based on your image name.

    Upload result using plugin:
    <img src="" alt="best dental office in atlanta" title="best dental office in atlanta" />

Final summary

As you can see, there are great and easy things to do to tell Google you are a great and trustworthy website which will help more and more people come to it. Make it a place that is educational, and people enjoy reading about. We hope that these tips help, and you are on your way to increasing the ranking on your website.

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