best strategies to increase instagram followers
Instagram is like an advertising dream, it gives you the opportunity to use the images you want to promote your brand to millions of people and for free. IG is the most important visual social network of the moment; you cannot miss the opportunity to fill your account with new followers who will be part of your community in networks, with very high chances of becoming your most precious customers.

This social network has stood out for having the largest number of users during 2018, it has already reached more than 1,000 million active users, and everything outlines that it will become as successful as Facebook.

So it is also a social network of great importance for e-Commerce’s, especially small and medium-sized companies that can improve their income through advertising and promotion on Instagram , in addition, it is accompanied by a lot of outstanding benefits for any business on the web . Let’s see what they are:

Benefits of increasing followers on Instagram

Instagram not only works to promote products and services, it is also excellent for publishing content and making contracts with influencers, all for the advantage it offers visually to make the brand more attractive to users, these are more benefits of increasing Instagram followers.

  • With more than one billion users, it allows a wider market niche with high possibilities of reaching it.
  • You can use any tool to improve your Instagram management, like other applications and links with social networks.
  • There is the possibility of providing content in different scenarios, for example, Instagram Stories, and more recent Instagram TV for the users most enchanted by the video.
  • The engagement or loyalty is specified more quickly in Instagram, this means more satisfied customers.
  • You can increase your list of leads or records to customize your marketing strategies.
  • Direct more traffic to your other social networks, you may have a faster sales process interaction on other social networks, as Facebook usually does, that’s why it gives you the opportunity to link Instagram on target=”_blank”those other networks to better direct your traffic to sales.

Finally, we are going to start talking about strategies to be able to fulfill all those advantages that Instagram offers, we have several suggestions and help that you can undoubtedly experience in your account to increase followers quickly.

4 techniques to increase followers on Instagram

1) Contests and free prizes

instagram prize giveaway
One of the best ways to win users on Instagram is through contests and prizes on the social network. First of all, people love to win free prizes and even more if they only have to participate after a few tips.

The contests on Instagram are a very common trend; in fact, if you check your IG account now you will surely run into a contest where they give makeup, travel, among others. The secret of this technique is to know how to attract a greater number of users through your current followers.

The strategy is to offer a coveted prize for your followers, it can be a combo of your brand’s products, or even a free dinner in the most romantic restaurant you can find. Here you can make use of your agreements with other brands or companies.

You can also opt for digital gifts, it will not be too expensive for you and you can give it to a winner in exchange for a lot of new followers on Instagram . Once you have your prize prepared it is time to create a promotion for the contest.

This part is one of the most interesting, and you will need several ideas such as:

  • Use a simple method to participate, how to follow your account and share the image of the contest.
  • Ask them to tag one or two friends in the comments to increase visibility.
  • Do a kind of treasure hunt with images, where each time you have to tag a different person to be encouraged to participate.
  • Include other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter to promote the contest in the users of these networks.

Each time, you will be increasing your number of followers, which you can then persuade with other digital marketing techniques to become customers.

2) Hashtags and keywords

Hashtag is the most common method of searching on social networks, and it is one of the easiest ways to optimize SEO on networks, since what you want to improve your Instagram rate on Instagram is that users find you in all parts.

There is a myth about Instagram hashtags that indicates that they are only used to position in trends, however it goes beyond that, with the hashtags you can do many things, for example:

  • Promote a contest in IG.
  • Use keywordsto position yourself better in the search engine.
  • Increase the trust of followers.

To build functional hashtags you have to take into account the following, do not use more than two or three hashtags in a publication, they must always be related. Hashtags must not have more than three words and must be differentiated by a capital letter at the beginning of each word to facilitate reading.

As in the SEO of web pages, repeat a keyword many times “drown” the text and can be penalized, so do not repeat the same hashtag in a publication, as it can be classified as Spam.

3) Customize your own brand

branding instagram
There are many Instagram brands that personalize their content to better reach their audiences, and thus their content is more attractive. For example, if you follow a personalized brand on Instagram you can see that its contents and the design of its images are very similar to each other, that is, they share something in common.

For example, all your images may be in black and white, or use a specific filter for each image, or they comply with a calendar of publications that give that touch more personalized and aimed at a specific niche market.

First you must know your followers very well on Instagram, have a profile of the consumer as consistent as possible to the tastes of your users to know how to adapt or customize your brand account.

You can even check their profiles and learn more about the design of images that you’re most active followers prefer, try to find out what would be more visually attractive for them.

On the other hand, you must vary the publications, but always within that “editorial line” that you will implement in your Instagram account, because if you have promotions or images of contests all the time, the account can become boring and not very attractive for true followers.

4) Post content always

One of the things that followers of Instagram are most focused on is the regularity of publications, something that makes followers lose to this social network is not to publish constantly, if a user notices that the last time you published was Two weeks, or worse, a month ago, you can assume that you are inconsistent in your posts and do unfollow.

Even a possible new follower may be attracted to your content by checking your profile, but end up abandoning it when you notice that you have very old posts.

So it’s better to include Instagram in your daily marketing schedule before losing a valuable follower. It is important that you post at least once a day and if you can follow a temporary trend it is also a good idea.

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