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4 Good Content Ideas to Repost on Your Instagram Account

4 good content ideas to repost on your instagram account
To feed their Instagram account, brands naturally use the images/videos they produce, but often forget that they can also leverage the potential of content created by users. However, Instagram does not offer a “Share” function by default, unlike other social networks. So, you will have to go through applications like Repost or Activeig to take back the content of other people, while respecting copyright. Throughout this article, we will offer you some ideas for photos/videos to repost in order to diversify your editorial line and enhance your customers.

1. The content of the community

Instagrammers are very fond of user-generated content. Indeed, this allows them to form an opinion on a brand or a product. This indirect promotional content is similar to the recommendations; they are very rewarding for the brand and useful for followers. Many companies have embarked on the repost of what is called User Generated Content.

2. Content that enhances its brand

Influencer marketing is a key component of your social media strategy. On Instagram, brands have an interest in promoting the recommendations made by influencers and users. In fact, the moment a brand shares content produced by a magazine, a recognized company, or an influential blogger, it positions itself as a market leader. This practice also allows it to ensure its own publicity by surfing on the recommendation. Its brand image is thus valued, as is its e-reputation.

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3. The products sold in your shop

Multi-brand boutiques and e-commerce take advantage of “reposts” to share the high-quality visuals published by the brands they reference. This practice allows them to easily share their content on different social networks and take advantage of qualitative visuals.

It should be borne in mind that photos, for an e-commerce site, constitute important communication media. They play an essential role in understanding the content published, but also on the purchasing intention of Internet users. So, sometimes, you might as well share the official promotions of brands to advertise your own store. For example, Cosma Parfumerie, which specializes in the sale of major brands of perfume and cosmetics, regularly restores the Instagram visuals of the brands it distributes like the Dior post.

4. Inspirational content

One of the most effective ways to prove the quality of a product is to present it during use. Who are the people who use the products? Customers! To strengthen its brand image and show the values ​​it promotes, a company can very well inspire its community with the ideas of its users.

For example, the GoPro brand has used its community on Instagram judiciously to communicate around its products. Indeed, it shares very high-quality photos, taken by Internet users, using the GoPro cameras they own.

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This gives ideas of experiences to be carried out to its Instagram followers while conveying its sporting and adventurous values. The “Repost” function allows you to curate content using the visuals produced by your community and your partners.

You energize your editorial line while enhancing your image and your expertise. In addition, sharing external content encourages your community to produce visuals about your business. A virtuous circle is gradually being set up, and it is your popularity that finds itself propelled!

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