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Personal Brand on Instagram: How to Do It Fast?

how to fast promote personal brand on instagram
It has become very fashionable to promote a personal brand on Instagram. If earlier people started to run an account to publish photos of their faces or their cats, now they create an account to promote a personal brand.

This article will tell you what a personal brand is, whether it needs to be promoted and whether it is really so effective and how to use Instagram automation tools like Ingramer to speed up the whole process.

What is a personal brand?

A personal brand is a powerful competitive edge, which helps you to stand out from the representatives of your niche, to enhance brand recognition and to acquire a loyal audience. Just like in case of company-brand, an entrepreneur (expert, trainer, a specialist in any other sphere) can work off a personal brand and through that attract queues of clients, sell more and pricier. A promoted personality of a business owner is an added value of the company, service, or a product.

Rules of promotion

1. Come up with the concept

your are your own brand
Before you go ahead with the promotion, it’s vital to create a concept of your personal brand. That’s not enough to create a profile, upload a couple of photos and to set up the advertising. Think about the following aspects.

  • Self-identification. Who are you? What are your interests and endeavors?
  • At what spheres are you a pro?
  • Personal virtues and life experience;
  • Values and philosophy (in business, in the family)
  • What do you really want? Your high aims;
  • Big Idea. The global idea of your activity, a mission;
  • Your own success story
  • What unique selling point do you have? What is your advantage?
  • Appearance, style, a pattern of behavior, and communication with the audience;
  • TA profile. Who is your target audience? How will you communicate with it?

Ok, you’ve done it. Now let go straight to the promotion!

2. Be sincere

It’s the time of naturalness and honesty. To show yourself just the way you are is a hot trend not only on Instagram. Tell people about something you care about, show your family, places which you visit.

There is no such thing as a “wrong” post for your personal brand if it is genuine and reflects you as an individual. Remember that your main goal is to allow people to look into your life and get to know you better. Just be yourself, forget the tricks, don’t pretend and don’t imitate someone, and the right people will come to you.

3. Use hashtags wisely

use of hashtags social media
The use of relevant hashtags is a guarantee that a large number of new users will see your posts. I’m sure that you’ve seen posts with more than twenty hashtags that have nothing to do with the post or the photo, it looks strange and causes a backlash.

To come up with proper hashtags use hashtags generator. It will compile lists of relevant tags by a photo or a keyword, you just need to pick the ones you like, cope, and paste.

This is the easiest way to shill new followers to your account and, as a result, new customers for your brand and business.

4. Adhere to one direction

Despite the fact that you have a personal, not a corporate account, and you have more freedom in choosing posts, you still need to choose no more than one professional topic. And it is desirable that it be directly related to your business.

Let’s take an example: suppose you are a personal fitness trainer. You led your account consistently, published the proper posts (photos from classes, customer reviews, etc.). However, after several years of hard work, you decided to go for a journey around the world for three months. What to do with Instagram, then? There are two options: first, you can fill your acc with photos and videos from the trip, turning it into a travel gallery. Or you can preserve the unity of your account by combining the central theme (fitness) with a new direction in your life (journey). For example, you can publish photos of your fitness training from around the world, or catch on video new asanas on the seashore. Everything will work, the main thing is to maintain the unity of the topic.

5. Attract a new audience

Any social media specialist will tell you that the most efficient and quick method of gaining more followers on Instagram is mass-liking and mass-following. And in that case, I advise you to use automation tools. They will give a boost to the process of attracting IG users to your profile. Thanks to their algorithms, they will interact only with your target audience, and you can be sure that it attracts only quality users to your profile. For instance, using Ingramer, I managed to attract around 500 new followers for my Instagram acc in a couple of weeks.

Liking and following your potential audience, you give them an opportunity to get to know you and your services. Thus, you will get new adherents of your brand.

6. Mix with the audience

comment communicate with social followers
Of course, you can not stay on the sidelines from your audience. You should show them your commitment, only then they will show theirs. Do it through communication via Direct Messages and Comments. Again, it’s better to use automation tools for that. They will make the process less time-consuming. For instance, you can send some greetings, “Hello! Thanks for following me, here is my special offer for you…” or write pleasant comments, “So nice photo, I’m amazed.” Well, use your beautiful imagination.

Instagram, in the right hands, is a powerful tool. You can use it to grow your business quickly and to share your own stories with thousands of potential customers. The main thing is to be consistent.

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