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How to Get Your First 100 Facebook Followers Quickly and Easily

facebook followers tips guidesHopefully, you’re already aware how important Facebook could be for your business. You’ve already set your page up — what’s next? You need some followers. The more followers you can get for your business, the better. It’s really that simple. Each new follower you get is not only a potential customer, but also someone working for your business to help spread the word.

If you’re new to social media in general, you might be wondering how to boost your Facebook following quickly and easily. Thankfully, you’re in the right place. Here’s how to get your first 100 Facebook followers:

1. Tell Your Friends and Family

Facebook is one thing where you don’t necessarily want to avoid mixing business with pleasure. Your friends and family will be eager to help your business succeed, and they’re probably already signed up to Facebook.

Try promoting your business account to your existing personal friends list, or simply tell the people close to you by word of mouth. They might not all want to follow your business account, but many of them will.

2. Connect with Existing Customers, Clients, or Associated Businesses

Most of your existing customers will also already be signed up to Facebook. If you’ve got their names or other information, you can find them quickly and easily on Facebook itself. Simply invite them to follow your business. You can also connect with other similar businesses that you sometimes work with. If you’ve already got a good Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn following, you could also cross-promote on those platforms.

3. Promote Your Facebook Profile Offline

If you run a traditional business like a shop with a physical premises, make sure your social media information is displayed prominently. Many businesses make the mistake of setting up all their social media profiles only to make no mention of them in their existing business.

People want to connect to Facebook and other platforms these days, so a few simple notices or posters could do the trick. An external window could be even better, as you could get followers who haven’t even been in your store. Try printing your Facebook info on receipts and other material, or get your staff to mention it at the till when someone makes a purchase.

4. Offer Incentives for Following You on Facebook

To make your Facebook page even more attractive, try offering a few little incentives to get people to follow you. They could be exclusive special offers, contests, or product launches — anything that could get people excited about your Facebook profile and maybe even share it with their friends.

5. Create and Post Great Content

The main cornerstone of a successful Facebook profile is creating and posting genuine, valuable content regularly. The best Facebook business pages are those that don’t take their followers for granted and give something back to the community. If you can post great content to your Facebook, you should notice your follower numbers start to grow organically.

Hopefully these simple tips should be what you need to start growing your Facebook following. You should already be well on your way to your first 100 followers, and more.

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