instagram followers tips guidesYou created your Instagram account. You have posted some photos related to your brand. The followers are slowly trickling in and you aren’t seeing how useful Instagram can be. Don’t get frustrated just yet!

The first 5,000 followers can be hard to get but once you do, it will be so beneficial to you. So how do you get that many people to pay attention? Here are the best methods to use to gain your well-deserved following.

Share Content From Others

Sharing your own content is the obvious choice but reposting content from other accounts is an excellent way to gain new followers. When folks see that you are sharing their content, they are likely to come and check out your profile.

Many of them will follow you because they see a correlation with the content and your brand. Additionally, many other brands hold an “I will scratch your back if you scratch mine” mentality. If you share their content, they are likely to do the same for you. New Instagram followers will be the added benefit.

Follow Back

Not only do you want to obtain followers, but you also want to keep them as well. The best way to do that is follow them back and watch what they are posting. You can learn a lot from influencers and other brands by watching the content they post. It will help you fine tune your marketing game and open the doors for opportunities to post something viral.

Use The Appropriate Hashtags

If you aren’t using hashtags, now is the time to make sure you are. Hashtags allow people to check out a feed pertaining to that tag and they can view all the content. If you are a yarn shop who is debuting some freshly dyed yarn, anyone who checks a hashtag regarding yarn will find your account and will likely follow you. This can easily turn into sales later.

There has been a lot of discussion around how many hashtags you use. You can use up to 30, but three to five seems to be the sweet spot. It doesn’t matter how many you use as long as they are relevant to your business. Remember, you can test the number of hashtags you use and use a mix of brand-specific, industry-specific, and general hashtags to see what your audience responds to best, then adjust your strategy accordingly.

Promote Your Content

One way to get your account noticed is to get it promoted on another site. Sites like Cracked and Buzzfeed are two wildly popular choices that can catapult your account beyond 5,000 in a heartbeat.

They have the highest readership and they always use relevant content that has been curated from Instagram. It doesn’t hurt to check in with them to see if you are a good fit and how to get your content featured on one of their posts. It’s a very affordable form of advertising that comes with a great return on investment.

Let Your Customers Promote You

Have your customers do you a favor and have them post content and tag you in it. They can share about their experiences and get others excited for the brand. You can host contests between clients to see who can get the most likes on a post and they can win prizes.

A popular art studio often encourages their customers to post pictures of their experience as it happens so that someone can win a prize before their night is over with. It is an ingenious way to get some advertising done without creating content yourself.

You can also hire influencers to promote your service or product. Some will do the work in exchange for product and others will require a small fee to do the work. The reality is, the more that others talk about how amazing your brand is, the more people will want to follow you.

Consistency Is Your Best Friend

Believe it or not, people really do like consistency. The Instagram accounts that struggle the most are the ones that are inconsistent. Create a schedule for your posts and stick with it. If that means you post three times a week, don’t suddenly post daily and then quit. Be predictable so that people can expect you.

At the same time, your content needs to be consistent. It doesn’t mean that you can only post pics or just short videos. What it means that it fits your brand. Use the same photographer to create your photos so that the style doesn’t stray too much. It may sound boring but it creates brand recognition very easily.

Imagine if McDonald’s removed their golden arches from their account and started sharing posts about hot dogs? You want someone to notice your Instagram account without having to do a double take on the content.

Cross-Posting Is Your Best Option

One way to get your Instagram noticed is to make sure that it’s easy to find elsewhere. Sure, you can pay for a popular website to promote you but your own business website, blog, and other social networks are the best choice.

It won’t cost you anything extra and can reach even more people that may not stray over to Instagram very often. Bear in mind that this is not a quick method of getting followers, but it does help you along the long-term goals.

There is no one magic method for grabbing your first 5,000 followers. The real trick is finding the cocktail that works best for you. The ultimate goal is to stay within the budget and create a method for getting followers passively later. It can take a bit but stick with it and ditch the methods that don’t work for you. Always be testing!

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