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How To Set Up Your Brand’s YouTube Channel For Success

set up your brand's youtube channel

Branding is no longer about print ads, billboards, and trade shows. It requires a good grip over digital channels such as paid ads, SEO, and social media marketing. YouTube marketing is another strategy no business can miss out on because visual content is far more impactful than ads and stories. But it requires more than posting engaging videos to entice the audience and connect with them. You have to follow a comprehensive strategy to extend the reach of your YouTube channel and set it up for success. Here are some tips to achieve both goals.

Post multiple times a week

The frequency of posts matters as much as the content, so schedule multiple posts per week. It is even more crucial for new brands to build an audience and get attention. A regular schedule with several weekly posts can give your channel a quick boost in the algorithm. Likewise, creating content on similar topics also improves performance and showcases niche expertise.

Improve watch time with long videos

Long videos sound counterintuitive because the attention span of online viewers is short. But marketers are moving towards the long-video bandwagon because good ones get you more watch time. It takes your content up in the algorithm. Focus on the right length, which is enough to get the information across without seeming stretched. Experts suggest brands stick with 7-15 minutes as video length, though you can experiment in your genre.

Design thumbnails users want to click

Video thumbnails can make or break your brand’s success on YouTube. It gets users to access your videos while watching another one, so you have a chance of gaining more subscribers for your channel. Your thumbnail should stand out when it appears as a suggested video in the sidebar. You can use an online youtube thumbnail creator to create custom ones that users want to click and check out. The best thing about DIY thumbnails is that they can save you a fortune while letting you narrate your brand story the way you want.

Edit distractions

Even the best YouTube video will not hold the audience’s attention if it has too many distractions. These include long pauses, bouncing between subjects, meandering conversations, and boring elements. Avoid these distractions in the first place because they give viewers a valid reason to click the following options. To make your video more engaging and attractive, you can use an ai voice generator to add different voices to your video. You can also edit your videos by quickly cutting from one shot to another to create one that holds the audience for good.

Develop a series

Another actionable way to win the YouTube branding game is to develop a series to hook your viewers. It gives you the advantage of binge-watching as viewers want to come back for more. Consider creating series playlists based on top-performing content. Many successful YouTube channels have series for the viewers. Each series focuses on a special topic and has a different thumbnail image style as an X-factor.

You can easily take your YouTube channel a notch higher, provided you think beyond great content. Of course, you must have compelling videos to grab and hold attention. But adding these strategies to the mix sets you up for success.

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