how to watch youtube offlineYouTube is one of the top sites on the internet. Full of videos on a huge variety of topics it has become a go-to for online viewing. Watching episodes of popular TV shows, how-to videos, and more. Can you watch YouTube offline though?

How Can You Watch YouTube Offline?

There are several ways that you can use to download Youtube videos and watch them offline. Depending on your device there are some great ways to watch videos without the internet.

YouTube Premium

To watch videos offline you will need a YouTube premium account. YouTube Premium is available in several locations you can check online to see if it is available for you. Once you have your premium account you can download some videos to watch offline. The video downloads to your device and is available there to watch anytime. They stay available for 48 hours, after that, you will have to log back in.

The process is very easy. Log into your premium account and find a video you want to download. Below the video, you will see a download button, a circle with an arrow pointing down. Click on that and it will download to your device. Once it downloaded the button will turn blue meaning it is ready. You can now watch that video offline.

You can see your downloaded videos in your video library. This makes it easy to find and view. If you decide you no longer want a video downloaded on your device, you can remove it in the library. To remove click on the downloaded button under the video (blue circle with a checkmark) and delete it.

An account with YouTube is the best way to access download features. There are some other options though. Depending on your device some apps can help you download videos as well.

Apowersoft Browser App

If you have an android device then Apowersoft browser is an app that can help you download videos. It’s great for videos but also allows you to download other great content as well. You can take screenshot and bookmark pages. It’s a great way to manage online content.

To get the app look for Apowersoft Browser APK. Download the app on your device and you are ready to go. To download videos, visit YouTube using the app browser. Find the video you want to download, and you will see a download button under the video. The video will download and be available offline.

You can access your videos from your downloads screen. You will be able to choose a video to watch or remove videos you no longer want to be downloaded. This app doesn’t have a time limit like YouTube premium. They are available until you delete them.

The best part about using this app is that there are no membership fees like on YouTube. You can watch videos for free. There are also no ads in the videos you download.

Video Grabber

Video Grabber is a program designed for PCs. You can use this program to download videos from all over the web including YouTube.

Using Video Grabber is super easy to use. Visit their website and insert the link to the video you want to download into their platform. Click on the download button and the video will download to your PC.

You will see a prompt to download their launcher. With the launcher, you can see your downloads and watch them offline. You can view all your downloads and remove them if you no longer want the video.

Apple products do not currently have an app to download videos for offline use. You can use Video Grabber to transfer videos from your PC to your Apple device.

To move videos to your Apple device using a file transfer app on your device. There are several free options available like AirMore. Now you can connect to your PC. Once connected in the app click on videos and import. You can choose files from the PC to import onto your device.

You can now enjoy movies offline on both your PC and your Apple devices for free. This is a great way to get premium YouTube services without a subscription fee.

Benefits of Watching Videos Offline

There are a variety of benefits to watching videos offline. Regardless of what method you use to download the videos, the benefits are great.


The biggest benefit is convenience. Once you have downloaded videos to your device you can watch them anywhere at any time. This is great if you have a busy lifestyle. It’s perfect for traveling, especially with children.

You can watch a movie on a plane where WIFI isn’t available. If the internet services have gone out or if you don’t have services at home. You can download videos where there is a free service like a public location and then watch videos at your home.

Save Money

Depending on the method you choose to download your videos it could be free. If you use YouTube premium there is a fee, but it is less than renting or streaming videos in most cases. These services are much less than cable. You can save money and watch the videos you want to see anytime you want.


Videos are great for entertainment. We love entertainment and it is fun to have on hand. These services can provide you an easy way to have entertainment at any time. If you love entertainment, then review the steps above to learn how to watch YouTube offline.

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