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5 Biggest Reasons Why You’re NOT Attracting the Right Instagram Followers

5 reasons why you are not attracting right instagram followers
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Getting Instagram followers is important for your brand. But getting the right Instagram followers is even more essential.

If your brand is struggling to see results from Instagram marketing, you might have a common problem: You aren’t attracting the right Instagram followers. If you don’t have followers who are truly interested in your brand, your engagement rate will take a hit and you won’t see true results.

How can you attract these followers for Instagram? Of course, now that you can buy followers on Instagram, this is an option! And if you aren’t already attracting them, what are you doing wrong? Here are five of the biggest reasons why you’re not attracting the right Instagram followers, plus simple but effective changes you can make to find the best followers for your brand.

1. Lack Of A Targeted Growth Tool

Growth tools, like Kicksta, help you get Instagram followers by targeting accounts in your niche. Instagram growth tools make it simple to find your ideal followers — and better yet, you don’t have to do all of the work yourself.

When you register with a tool like Kicksta, you provide some information about your brand and your ideal follower. Then Kicksta will use your account to “like” photos from relevant profiles. The idea is that those users will see your account in their notifications, and they’ll come over to your profile to check out your brand. From there, it’s your job to simply continue posting high-quality content so those users will stick around.

If you aren’t using a targeted growth tool, you probably aren’t attracting the right Instagram followers. A growth tool is by far the easiest way to get the real followers on Instagram that you need!

kicksta profile

2. An Unclear Profile

Your profile is the first impression that people get of your brand. It should be clear from the first glance what kind of followers you want to attract. Your niche and industry should be apparent in every aspect of your profile. Let’s break down your IG profile and how it should look in order to attract the followers for Instagram that you need.

Profile Picture

Many brands use their logo as their profile. The ice cream brand Halo Top is a good example of this. Since Halo Top’s logo is a scoop of ice cream, it’s pretty clear what industry this company is in and what it makes. But in case there was any doubt, the words “Halo Top Creamery” are included, curving across the top.

profile with hashtag
Other profile photo best practices to attract the followers you want: Make sure your photo is high-quality and clear. If your logo is set on a background, the background needs to be uncluttered so it doesn’t distract from the logo (Halo Top’s marble background is the perfect setting for its gold-colored logo). And if you’re not feeling your logo as your profile picture, a photo of a person’s face (maybe your CEO or founder) can work well in many cases, too.


When it comes to your username, the same principles apply: Make it clear at first glance who you are and what you do. Halo Top’s username, @halotopcreamery, is simple and makes it clearly evident what Halo Top does.

If the name you want is taken, try to find something that’s as similar as possible without including a lot of unnecessary numbers or characters. You want your username to be easy to read. Halo Top could have also gone with:

  • @halo_top_creamery
  • @halotop


Your Instagram bio is an important place to get across a little more information about your brand. Halo Top’s bio tells you two things. Number one, you can easily tell what this brand does — makes ice cream. And number two, you get a feel for Halo Top’s brand personality with the line “There’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first.”

Halo Top comes across as fun, casual, and 100% on board with the idea of treating yourself. By getting your brand personality and values across in your bio, you can attract organic followers for Instagram who have the same values as you.

profile description hashtag


Since your Instagram Story Highlights are at the top of your profile, people will often tap into those before scrolling down through your feed. Make sure your Highlights are an accurate representation of the type of content you post. Halo Top also made sure to create on-brand covers for its Highlights, with the same marble background and gold illustration as its profile picture.

profile follower button
What categories should you include in your Highlights? Halo Top goes for a mix of helpful content (like a store locator) and fun (fan recipes and Zoom backgrounds).


The content you post is extremely important to help you attract the right kind of followers for Instagram. Share content that promotes your products, but does so in a fun, on-brand way rather than being overly promotional.

Halo Top’s content is a mix of creative product photos; user-generated content; and graphics. All of the company’s content comes back around to that same primary value: Stop “should-ing” and treat yourself! By being consistent with this message, Halo Top is sure to attract followers who agree with it.

instagram photo grid

3. Lack of Cross Promotion

Do you cross-promote your Instagram account on other platforms? If not, you’re missing out on valuable organic followers on Instagram. All of your customers should be aware of all of your social media platforms. Your Instagram should be visibly linked on your website and in your marketing emails. You can also talk about and link your Instagram on your other social media platforms. Your goal is for your Instagram account to be easily available for any of your customers to find.

Here are a few specific ways you can cross-promote your Instagram:

  • Share an Instagram-exclusive contest that you’re running on Facebook and Twitter
  • Add a line in your marketing emails promoting your Instagram account
  • Link to your Instagram profile in one of your blog posts

Take every relevant opportunity you can find or create to cross-promote your account, and you’ll start attracting real followers for Instagram.

4. You Come Across as Spammy

One reason you may not be attracting the right Instagram followers is that your profile looks like a spam account. If your photos aren’t high quality and your profile doesn’t have any personality behind it, users will immediately notice that lack of authenticity and will probably choose not to follow.

As a business, you need to prove that you do have valuable content for your followers. Here are a few spammy tactics to avoid and ways that you can prove your account’s worth instead.

Using Generic and Repetitive Comments and Responses

If you’re an Instagram user, you can probably spot comments made by bots from a mile away. Don’t use bots to leave comments on your behalf. And don’t just scroll through a certain hashtag and comment “Nice post!” on everything, either. This comes across as spammy. It won’t help you get more organic followers for Instagram.

instagram who like
To find new followers who will engage with what you post, you need to first engage with them. Oreo is an example of a brand that does a great job of leaving relevant comments and responses. “Does the king of cookies reply?” asked one of Oreo’s followers on a recent post. “Of course we do!” Oreo wrote back. Another commenter wrote, “I love you @oreo.” Oreo responded, “Right back at you!”

Comments and responses like these prove that there’s a real person on the other side of a business account. And when Instagram users feel confident that your account isn’t spam, they’ll be more likely to follow.

Posting Low Quality Content

If you post low quality content — amateur graphics, grainy photos — your Instagram feed won’t look visually appealing and users won’t be inclined to follow your account. Instead, creating high-quality content is key. It should be evident at first glance that your posts are high-quality. For example, it’s obvious that KitKat posts quality photos and graphics. When the quality of your Instagram feed is clear from the very beginning, that plays a huge role in someone’s decision on whether or not to follow you.

instagram photo grid page

Sparing With Your Hashtags

If you use too few hashtags, your Instagram account isn’t going to be visible enough. But if you add too many, your posts might look like spam. Where’s the sweet spot? Try using 10-12 hashtags and seeing what kind of response you can get. If you need some help deciding which hashtags to include, you could use a tool like this hashtag generator to help you add the right ones to the post for maximum reach. From there, you can adjust as and when it’s needed. And here’s another pro tip: Including your hashtags in your first comment under the post instead of in the caption can make your IG posts look a lot cleaner. It’s the little touches that can help you get more organic followers on Instagram.

Having A Non-Descriptive Bio

Remember, your Instagram bio is the first place many users learn about your brand. You only have one chance to make a first impression — and if your bio doesn’t accurately describe what you do, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to get real followers on Instagram.

Your bio needs to describe who you are and what you do (while still fitting into the 150-character limit for an Instagram bio). For example, Amy’s Kitchen describes the company in one brief yet descriptive sentence: “Cooking meals made with quality, organic ingredients for over 30 years.”

instagram amyskitchen
If you had never heard of Amy’s Kitchen before, you could still figure out the gist of the company’s mission. Even if you didn’t know that Amy’s is known for creating gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian frozen meals, that one sentence explains the basics of who this company is and what it does. And anybody who’s interested in eating meals made with organic ingredients will immediately know this is the account for them. Your bio should be similarly descriptive so that the right people will know to follow.

Posting Too Frequently or Inconsistently

Posting too often on Instagram can come across as spammy. But inconsistent posts aren’t a good idea, either. Where’s the sweet spot? Many social media experts recommend posting once a day on average. If you’re running a special discount or hosting an event, multiple posts a day might be appropriate during that time.

5. Buying Fake Followers

There’s a difference between using a targeted growth tool to get real followers on Instagram and buying followers for your account. Using a growth tool is a smart way to find organic followers on Instagram.

Buying followers for Instagram might seem tempting. There are websites out there that promise to sell you thousands of followers for just a few dollars. But in the end, this is never a good idea. Fake followers won’t engage with your account — meaning your engagement rate will tank. Real followers on Instagram who are truly interested in your brand, however, will engage with your content. They’ll like your photos, leave meaningful comments, and share your posts. And that valuable engagement will make your engagement rate go up.

If you have a lot of fake followers, real followers might be deterred from following your account. Accounts that have fake followers generally have thousands of followers, but are following a very small number of other accounts. When this follower/following ratio is off, many potential organic followers on Instagram will take one look at your account and turn away — they realize something seems fishy.

instagram empty profile
Those real people will also be suspicious if they look through your list of followers to see only a list of bots, or if they notice you have lots of followers but very few likes or comments. Buying fake followers on Instagram will hurt your social credibility and deter people who may have actually been interested in following your account.

Buying followers will also skew your analytics. If the majority of your followers are fake, you won’t be able to get a feel for how your posts are actually performing. Real people would be able to give you feedback on the posts and content you share. But bots and fake followers can’t do the same.

Finally, buying fake followers can actually get you in trouble with Instagram. Buying followers for Instagram is against Instagram’s terms of service. Best case scenario, Instagram could delete your fake followers. Worst case, your account might be completely banned. Buying fake followers for Instagram is a serious deal — and a seriously bad idea. Focus on getting organic followers on Instagram instead.

Get the Right Instagram Followers

Getting the right kind of Instagram followers is essential for your brand’s success on Instagram. And when you know how to attract these followers for Instagram using a growth tool and other tactics, your job gets a whole lot easier. Use these tips to turn your Instagram around and find the followers you need.

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