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What Can You Benefit From Using the ThinkWave School Management Software?

school management software

If you are running an institution such as a university or college, there are numerous software you can utilize to automate the institute and attain your targets while using the advantages of the services of the new digital technology. The use of ThinkWave School Management Software has now become an integral aspect of all colleges and universities. The software aids in digitizing the operations of the school to increase the total efficiency and quality of the institution.

The ThinkWave School Management Software comprises several modules to handle the entire life cycle of the school and students, including admission, grade book, timetable, fee collection, reports, messages, library, transport, and more. All these modules work collaboratively for the digitization of school operations.

Educational institutions all around the globe are getting new opportunities to deliver the ideal educational facilities to youngsters. The accomplishment in academics typically depends on the continual monitoring of educational activities.

There are several benefits of the ThinkWave School Management Software, which promotes operational performance and the interaction between students, educators, and parents. Below are some of the approaches that the ThinkWave School management Software can benefit an institution:

  1. Saves Teachers’ and Administrators’ Time

It frees educators’ important time from routine administrative tasks. This is done by automating time-consuming daily tasks such as timetable creation, attendance management, and parent-teacher communication. Moreover, the ThinkWave School Management Software can generate a variety of reports that assist teachers and principals, saving valuable time in the process. Directors could also save time by utilizing modules such as payslip processing, online fee collection, and many more.

  1. Bridges Communication Gap

Through the use of the Short Messaging Service or SMS, institutions could now communicate with parents quickly and efficiently. A brief text message could instantly provide important information to parents. The majority of school management software now includes mobile applications, which facilitate communication. The transmission is made by push notification and enables parents to communicate with one another.

  1. Human Resource (HR) Management

The human resource management component of the school management Software is responsible for the employee’s lifecycle within the school. The one operating the software could be any member of staff, such as an educator, a director, or any non-teaching faculty member. The software will handle the hiring process, payroll distribution, leave management, and payslip making. Payments can be automated by setting up a one-time account, submitting all breakups, and establishing an auto deduction method.

  1. Streamline the Student’s Information

The primary aim of the ThinkWave School Management Software is to manage raw data on a student’s whole academic career – starting from their admission until the day the student graduates. The student would have attended numerous classes and taken innumerable exams throughout this time. The school management Software collects and keeps all of these data, including attendance, teacher remarks, and a variety of other pieces of important information about the school’s students.

  1. Timetable management

The creation of timetables is the most time-consuming activity within the school. The timetable feature in the school ERP Software helps produce and manage different types of timetables. Teachers and administrators can design plans with a simple drag-and-drop interface. The created timetables will be offered as a school schedule, a teacher schedule, a class schedule, and an institutional schedule.

  1. Collection of Fees

With ThinkWave School Management Software, the collection of fees and certificate production processes could be streamlined and digitized. The incorporation of a fee gateway enables parents to pay fees online rather than visiting the school or institution and waiting in long lines. Due dates and fines for delayed payment would also be automated and hinted to the parents through the Software, based on pre-set controls.

  1. Creation of Gradebook

ThinkWave School Management Software enables institutions to automate exam administration and grade book generation. Exam schedules are frequently developed and publicized for students and parents to access via an information gateway as well as a mobile application. After the exam is completed, professors could use the program to update the grades earned on each topic. As a result, grade books for all the students will be generated automatically using an institution-specific template.

  1. Student Safety

A School Management Software works exceptionally well in conjunction with attendance and bus tracking technologies such as biometric systems. Parents will have real-time access to their children’s locations via mobile applications through these links. It can also offer SMS alerts for the student’s presence in or out from the transport’s timing and location on the map.

  1. Library Management

The library would be the most often used section in the school setting and accounts for a sizable portion of the institutional resources. All library management procedures, such as counting and the distribution of books, publishing books, and tracking books, can be accomplished by using the school management Software.

  1. Inventory Management

Maintaining inventory manually is a time-consuming effort, so having software that automates the entire process can help a lot.

The inventory management Software is used to track purchases, sales, and inventory deliveries. Furthermore, it can be utilized in the manufacturing business to generate work management, bill of materials, and other production-related data.

When appropriately implemented, inventory management systems have the potential to boost productivity and performance significantly. The majority of inventory management Software challenges arise from a failure to grasp best practices or the use of antiquated practices, like manual documentation and irregular storage layouts and procedures.

Inventory management is a process that entails the use of software and hardware to track each item. Follow up on its specs, delivery status, and so forth.

  1. Creating Reports

The main advantage of the ThinkWave School Management Software for school administrators and directors is the variety of reports that can be easily generated within the software, which could be used to make quick and accurate decisions.

  1. Management of Multiple Schools

If an organization has in its wing multiple schools, then it can significantly benefit such an organization by using the ThinkWave School Management Software. Thanks to the software’s ability to connect digital operations and give a multi-school admin a panel for reporting and fine control, it can help streamline all needed data in one Software.

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