6 ways in which technology is essential in medical department

It is not always a guarantee to live a happy and healthy life. That is why your health is essential. The medical department is constantly researching the best devices and medicines to use. Technology has been beneficial in various sectors of the health department.

Before the rise of technology, medical practitioners experienced a hard time delivering health care to their patients. There are cases where the doctors and patients made records on books which sometimes got lost.

Some diseases would take a long time to find the actual medicine to treat. Thus, technology has been an aid to various sectors, as explained below.

1.     Making Records

As mentioned before, keeping records was initially a challenge. So many patients come in and out of the hospital. Some of them are recurring and have ongoing appointments for their medication. So many records are kept in the hospital.

Patients diagnosed with cancer, tuberculosis, and asthma must keep coming back to see the doctor until they get well. Therefore, doctors need to compile their records to follow up to see if there is an improvement.

Other records are for children and pregnant mothers. Kids keep coming back for their clinical appointments and immunization against diseases. Thus, both the mother and the medical practitioner need to put it down on paper for future references.

However, thanks to technology, everything is recorded in one place, that is, the computer. The computer has folders and excels spreadsheets that are used to update patient’s records. It is convenient and saves time instead of going through a whole book or looking for papers.

Recording on the computer is convenient because you do not have to walk around with a heavy file or loose pieces of paper. Everything will be saved on the patient’s personal electronic health record (EHR), ready to be accessed from any device. This is especially useful when a patient is being treated for various conditions in different departments, so their Behavioral Health EHR will also be visible to the mental health team, even if they’re in another building or hospital. You can send the records on your phone, and everything will be at the touch of your fingertips.

2.     Medical Research

There are so many diseases out there. Some of them have not yet been discovered, while others lack effective treatment. Medical researchers found it hard to go through dozens of books to retrieve information.

Technology has made it easy for them to look up the information they need online. It has also helped compile their notes in one document accessible when put in a soft copy. Technology has also enhanced the way researchers communicate with other departments across the globe.

Some medications are found in other developed countries. Thus doctors can acquire it by researching online and finding out how to get it.

3.     Better Patient Care

Technology has introduced Electronic Health Record, which has automatically created an alert to the physician. It lets the physician know when the patient is going through a challenging situation such as an allergy and not tolerating any medication.

The best part about it is that it is accessible by any medical facility. It has helped patients get the best health care, unlike the old times when the doctor would not know what is wrong. It is also helpful for medical practitioners who are dealing with non-local patients and unresponsive ones.

4.     Availability Of Data For Treatment And Analysis

Technology is essential in accessing medical data that is essential for the treatment and analysis of some diseases. This data is necessary for patient care management. Stents get to send the updates automatically through the internet across the globe.

There are technological devices that enable patients to transmit the level of blood sugar and weight. Data from EHR and other devices are being used together with essential data to produce analytics and reports to administer treatment.

The use of technology and analytics have been utilized to provide the best medical practices. It is beneficial due to its ability to sort out the best practices for optimizing results. It is both economical and medical.

5.     Medical Safety

Insecurities are all over because there is always someone somewhere planning to commit a crime. Technology has enabled the advancement of security by the installation of CCTV cameras. It records people who go to hospitals to steal medical appliances and other essential aspects. Others even steal babies from their mothers in hospital beds.

However, the camera and security appliances have helped the police to apprehend these acts. Some patients find it hard to pay the medical bill and pan to escape from the hospital. The alarm monitors take action to alert the security department.

Safety is not only for theft but also for the lives of patients. The Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) systems in EHRs have alerting features. These features of technology have digital checks that monitor the patient.

The digital check will then alert the doctor if the patient is allergic to a medication. These features have helped doctors who do not have a good memory or recorded in books by using the automated safeguards that save the life of patients.

6.     Better Communication

Communication is critical when conducting medical practices. Some patients get sick when far away. It may take too long to get to the nearest hospital. However, technology has enabled patients to reach their doctors.

Hospitals, doctors, or anybody in the field can make use of social media to spread awareness about the issues they want to talk about. This has been very important during the pandemic. They can use the help of a third-party platform to get a boost in the engagement for their posts so that more people will be introduced to them.

The Final Word

Technology has transformed the medical department. Health caregivers also appreciate the advancement it has brought to the medical industry.

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Grace Johns is an American medical writer. She is not only a writer but has also practiced medicine for the past three years, as a nurse. Her work is highly credited because of the influence she has on her readers.

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