Best Remote Work Tools You Can Try in 2022

best remote work tools you can try in 2022

Remote work has become a popular choice for many companies. Corporate establishments save money on utility costs and experience 55% less absenteeism with remote teams. Employees also prefer to work remotely because they’re more comfortable in their own space.

However, working remotely can be difficult if you don’t have the correct tools. Without the correct remote work tools, production and communication will decrease. So we’ve done the research and found five of the best remote tools for you! Keep reading to find out more.

The Advantages of Remote Working

There are several reasons why corporations and employees choose remote work. In this section, we’ll discuss all the advantages of fully remote companies and their impact on society.

Saving Money and Time

Both employers and employees will save costs on commuting. At the moment, the cost of fuel in the states is at an all-time high. Bus and train tickets can also eat away at your funds. Commuting to work also takes time. But if people work remotely they can use commuting time to start work earlier.

Access to a Larger Talent Pool

Companies have a wider selection of talent when choosing candidates for remote work. This is because companies have the opportunity to recruit candidates from all over the world with various qualifications. Employers can then offer more responsibility to one candidate instead of hiring more people to do one job.

Environmentally Friendly

Companies that work remotely are contributing to a greener environment. Driving cars and buses to work increases carbon emissions. But if more companies work remotely there will be no carbon emissions from vehicles.

Higher Productivity

Working in an office environment can cause major distractions that slow down productivity. Corporations that choose to work remotely experience higher productivity rates. There’s less unnecessary chatting, and more tasks are completed in a day.

Additionally, some employees choose to work beyond their hours to get more tasks done in a day. More work means an increase in sales and revenue.

How to Adjust to Working Remotely

Employees that are used to working in a busy office environment may struggle to adjust to remote working. This is especially true for extroverted employees who enjoy being around others.

Furthermore, some employees may even experience burnout because of working too much. Not having managers around can also cause some employees to feel anxious when they experience problems. Here are some tips to help your team adjust to working remotely:

  • Provide the correct work from home tools
  • Establish clear rules and communication structure
  • Ensure there’s enough social interaction with your team
  • Offer support and encouragement
  • Always have an “open door” policy
  • Have regular meetings
  • Encourage employees to take regular breaks
  • Assist employees if they’re struggling with mental health
  • Provide adequate training when introducing new work

5 Remote Work Tools for Every Task

Remote work doesn’t have to be difficult for you or your team. If you have the correct remote work tools, you can communicate with your staff effectively and get more tasks done in a day. Here are five remote tools management and staff can use to boost productivity.

1.      Movavi Screen Recorder

movavi screen recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder is excellent software for training and video conferences. What’s more, you can create webinars and tutorials with this screen recorder platform. Movavi Screen Recorder allows you to create high-quality videos that you can edit and send to all the people in your team.

You can also create digital drawings on your video, such as circling important information or underlining phrases. There’s also a feature to put voice-overs on pre-recorded videos which allows you to provide more in-depth instructions on your videos.

2.      AnyDesk


One of the downfalls of working remotely is that you don’t have technical support if you’re having problems with your computer. AnyDesk can solve this problem. This app connects IT to anyone’s computer to assist with technical issues.

The AnyDesk software has a wide range of remote desk functions such as remote printing, file transfer, text chat, and access controls. AnyDesk has cloud computing so all your files or shared projects can be accessed no matter where you are in the world.

3.      Slack


Slack is a task and communications app that many remote companies use. This platform is essential for excellent remote team collaboration. With Slack, you can have one-on-one discussions. You can also pin important messages and send files through the app.

Essentially, Slack allows you to create and assign tasks to your team members. What’s more, there are a variety of Slack bots that you can download to automate certain tasks, such as scheduling meetings. You can also mention team members within a chat so they can get immediate notifications on important tasks.

4.      Jira


Jira is an app that was developed by an Australian company called Atlassian. It was originally designed to track bugs and issues on existing software. But now, Jira has been updated to work as a powerful remote management tool for software development.

Teams will have access to a dozen reporting options with actionable and real-time insights on performance. You can also optimize Jira with automation on tasks to save time. Lastly, the platform allows you to customize scrum boards so you can see the development and progress of your tasks.

5.      Stratio


Stratio is a platform that companies use to build AI-based services and machine learning algorithms. This platform tests your algorithms, trains modules, and suggests relations. With Stratio, you can also develop and automate complex tasks such as managing the lifecycle of machine learning.

Final Thoughts

No matter what remote business you have, you must have communication and project management tools. Ensure you have a quality platform such as Movavi Screen Recorder to conduct meetings and training videos. And use platforms such as Slack to assign tasks to your team members.

AnyDesk is ideal to ensure that your remote teams’ devices are working at all times. And Jira and Stratio are ideal platforms for remote software and AI development teams.

Choose one or all of the software mentioned in this article so you can boost productivity and ensure your remote team is working effectively.

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