Top 5 Video Games for PC

PC gaming is said to be gaining a lot more popularity as compared to gaming on any console. This is because you can modify the same PC for years and years and play any game you wish on it, irrespective of what console it is specific to. With consoles, you feel like changing them as soon as a new version comes out. If you are new to PC gaming, you may want to start with the best. This is why we have compiled a list of the best PC video games.


This is one of those games which have the closest similarity to reality. It is a great world which you can explore at will, and it feels like a real simulation of some great city. This is a game which can keep you occupied for hours at a time, without boring or frustrating you even once. There are a lot of PC based hacks available for this game, for example, you can get free GTA money with simple procedures on any website. If you want to try gaming, this is sure to be on your ‘must play’ list.

Dishonored 2

Another excellent ‘must play’ addition to this list, this game is a much more refined sequel to the first dishonored game. We have much more area for exploration and collection of items, all this coupled with excellent art and graphics of the game.

Dark Souls III

dark souls 3
If you are the kind of person who is intrigued by clever gameplay and a complex plot that is explained simple and easily, this is the game for you. The third game in the Dark Souls series form the Souls franchise has everything from the potential of exploring ruins of a once great fallen kingdom to challenging bosses and excellent graphics. All the old aspects of the game are taken care of within the initial stages so the later part of the game has new features like the Focus Point Mechanics and the likes. It does not feel like a repeat of the previous games with a different story, instead it is a much more upgraded experience.

Witcher 3

witchers 3
Now who doesn’t love a great game with an open world just begging to be explored? Witcher 3 provides that experience in a massive, overwhelming way that just cannot be beat. This is the main reason why Witcher 3 made this list. Other than that, the rest of the game is connected by the same story it began with, with few developments story-wise but lots of emotional payoff. You’re mainly on the hunt for information regarding the whereabouts of your lost lover.


In spite of the fact that this game does not have an explorative, open-ended world this game has captured the hearts of many through the sheer power of an excellent and engaging concept. You are very likely to get hooked on this game and find yourself difficult to let go.

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