Nine Gadgets and Accessories Every Business Owner Needs

gadgets and accessories every business owner needs
As a business owner, you likely spend a lot of your time on the go. Today, there are so many gadgets that you can utilize to make life easier for you both inside and outside of the office. We’ve put together a list of gadgets, tools and devices that are certainly worth investing in for better productivity, faster results and extra convenience in your role as an entrepreneur.

#1. Portable Battery Charger:

If you are on the go quite a lot, investing in a portable battery charger or power bank is a great decision. These can be found for reasonable prices online, and serve as an extra source of power for smaller devices such as your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. They are great for anybody who makes frequent business trips and doesn’t always have access to a mains charger; keep your phone or tablet going for longer and ensure that you have that all-important access you need at all times.

#2. Fitness Wearable:

fitness wear for business
Sticking to a fitness and health routine can be tricky for busy entrepreneurs, who may not always have the time to go and workout in the gym lately or prepare healthy, fresh meals every day. A wearable device such as the Fitbit is a great choice for entrepreneurs since it allows you to track your activity throughout the day, making it easier to understand what you need to do to improve your health and fitness. As a result, you’ll feel more energetic at work, which will lead to better productivity. Don’t forget that getting in more exercise and eating well can also boost your mood and help you stay more positive about your work. Check out the range available at Mobile Mob.

#3. Screen Protectors:

Whatever devices you own, screen protectors are an important piece of kit today. All it takes is one slip and your precious iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy phone could be shattered, leaving you facing a huge repair bill, even if you have an insurance plan. To avoid this situation, it’s a good idea to invest in strong, tempered glass screen protectors that are designed to protect your gadgets from scratches and smashes, even if dropped onto a hard surface. Kit out all your devices with one for peace of mind.

#4. SmartWatch:

smartwatch for business
Smartwatches were designed with entrepreneurs in mind. Previously, you would need to leave the room to read an important text that arrived in the middle of your meeting, but, today it can be done just as easily as checking the time. The Apple Watch is a great choice for entrepreneurs since it can be synced to your iPhone or Mac with just a few swipes, and it provides a huge range of convenient uses, such as using your watch to make payments with Apple Pay, or easier hands-free calls when driving.

#5. Protective Wallet Phone Case:

Today, smartphones are becoming more and more of an essential for entrepreneurs. They’re like small, hand-held computers and the wide range of apps available allow business owners to get more done away from their laptop or PC. If you’re a business owner who tends to use their phone for work a lot, make sure that it’s kept protected at all times with a sturdy wallet case. Opt for a case that includes pockets for essential bank and credit cards or your ID, to keep everything together in one safe, handy place.

#6. Adaptor Cables:

Do you have a presentation prepared on your iPad that you’d like to show on your TV? Or, maybe there’s a video on your smartphone that you need to display on a bigger screen. Having the right adapter cables will certainly come in handy during these situations. For example, a lightning to HDMI adapter makes it easy for you to bring up files and more from your iPad and iPhone directly to your TV, simply by connecting your Apple device to the HDMI port.

#7. All-in-one Printer:

all in one printer for business
Although many entrepreneurs are doing what they can to use less paper and be kinder to the planet with their business, an all-in-one printer is still very much an essential for business. Even if you’re using electronic alternatives wherever possible, there’s inevitably going to be times where printing something off can’t be avoided, for example, printing postage labels or important letters to clients. Today, you can get printers which connect to your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to effortlessly print wirelessly using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. A printer with a built-in scanner and photocopier is the best choice for business.

#8. Camcorder:

Video is bigger than ever for businesses, and many small business owners are turning to making their own marketing videos. With the introduction of Facebook Live, it’s easier than ever to make interesting, inclusive social media videos that your followers can be a part of as soon as they happen. Although many videos today can be made with a smartphone, it may be a wise idea to invest in a better quality camcorder, particularly if you’re serious about making your own marketing materials. Depending on what you’re planning to film, a GoPro could also be a useful gadget to have.

#9. Fun and Games:

Lastly, don’t forget that allowing yourself some regular time to wind down, relax and have fun will boost your productivity as an entrepreneur. Gadgets such as gaming consoles are a great option as they give you something fun to focus on when you need a break or some quick ‘me’ time to refresh and regain your motivation. A Nintendo Wii, for example, isn’t just a fun gaming console for the whole family – it can double up as an excellent way of getting more exercise and moving more, which will improve your health and fitness levels, better equipping you to take on both the physical and mental challenges of entrepreneurship.

As an entrepreneur, there are several gadgets, tools, and accessories that you can use to benefit both your personal and professional life. Do you currently use any of the gadgets and accessories we’ve mentioned? Are there any you would recommend more? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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