How can bathroom be improved using technology?

how can bathroom be improved using technology
Technology has played an important role in transforming our everyday lives. From eating to talking and watching to walking, everything is now dependent on technological means. It has even changed the way we use our bathrooms.

Homeowners have customized the look of their homes and incorporated home automation and smart technology in their lives. There have been new innovations that can be used in bathrooms which can truly enhance its appeal and upgrades it functionality.

With so many options in the market, here are some ways in which technology can be used to improve bathrooms:

1. Automation

Bathroom automation entails a lot of things. It covers things like automated lighting and automated floor heating systems. Automated lighting systems can be the right thing for your bathroom. It is an amazing way to conserve energy as well. We often forget to close the lights after leaving the bathroom. You choose motion sensor controls to automatically close the lights when you leave. There are even systems which would allow you to control lights remotely through phones.

Radiant flooring is also part of this automation. It can maximize comfort levels. Just imagine stepping out of shower to a perfect warm floor. Nothing can be more comforting than this especially in cold weathers. Smart radiant floors work over Wi-Fi to allowing you to change temperature over your smart phones. You can even remotely manage you energy usage.

2. Smart toilets

smart toilet technology
Everyone likes to install the best toilet in their bathroom. A smart toilet can have a multitude of features ranging from water-saving facility to cleaning it an optimal manner. The reason why technology has been infused in making of toilets is to promote water-conservation and convenience of the users. It can even have features like seat-warmer and automatic flushes and a deodorizer as well. This ultimate technology can be of immense benefit.

3. Shower controls

We often get shocked when there is extremely cold or hot water in the shower. However, technology has provided us with many tools which have eliminated all of our worries. Taking control of your shower with a digital system can be one of the best things in the bathroom. You can set the water temperature according to the season every time you want to. You can also save money in this manner.

4. Smart sound systems

This may not be the best thing to have in a bathroom but considering it as an option can be a great idea. Listening to your favorite music while taking a shower can make it more refreshing. It is in fact a luxury. Sound systems allow you to listen music without any difficulty. It makes it easy to change music while taking shower.


Integrating smart technology in your bathroom can not only improves its overall look but most importantly its functionality as well. There are numerous ways to do so, and you may be even doing so without realizing. Nevertheless, consider the above options and get a hi-tech bathroom.

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